Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rescue in Red

This began as a connection to the color 'red' and I started off with a glue resist using black on red cloth with an addition of bronze foil. Everything went wrong when I applied a cream like texture that was supposed to dry clear. Oh no! I soaked, I scrubbed and when dry I added gold leaf (second photo) and although pretty in colors, I had lost my way in purpose and composition. Out came the scissors and cutting away, adding fabrics until I had lost one circle but at least I had a surface to begin again. I've titled the piece "Tower Markings" and the circle shape (to me) feels like an ancient compass or maybe a star map. I added stamped fabric for leaves and some free sewing with the sewing machine as well as some loved stitches. I'm not against giving up on a piece but this one is only the second in my series on color and seemed in the beginning to have captured my heart...just couldn't give up! Need I mention the 42 other ideas I had and some I tried? The journal writing coming to terms with a pretty crappy cloth? Need I mention the calming myself, reconnecting to my personal memories of the color red or the many times I just didn't reconnect with the color red? Several days and nights went into this red journey and now I'm just fine with all that didn't go my way and all that did fit into this finished piece. Ready to start another color...a few more efforts in color to see if this is the way I want to continue.

Friday, December 18, 2015

TBT on Friday!

Way back to the 80"s on this piece. monotype, collage and soft pastel measures approx. 24"x24" and sold at a show in Sacramento. Today is actually the last day of the last months of the Roy G Biv Day and click on these two sites for more beautiful examples of color...  Jennifer  or Julie  
It has been great to participate in these photo searches and seeing all the other photos of the chosen color as well as to discover new artists!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sand & Bone

11"x16", cotton cloth, embroidery, machine stitching, paint and tea stained cloth, bone colored beads.
To begin this series I was taken up with my journal writing as a launching device. I wrote about white (series is about color) and all the memories connected to white such as clean crisp sheets, white oil based semi-gloss paint, white ceramic tile but as I began this piece it quickly became a mixture of grays, bone and tea stains. So I followed the mixed lead and white will just show up another time. These colors became important as the marks on marks of bleached leaves, beads worn and missing with gray medallions hardly noticed ... a wind blown structure revealed?
I'm still trying to sew on the sewing machine in free style and need to keep at it. I'm excited about exploring the colors as memory and I intend to use this blog as more of a sharing place. Not sure how many people are stopping by so I'm feeling fairly safe in using this space as a way to dig deeper and express my findings. Lots of colors out there so here I go. I will always have a connection to archaeology, memory, nature and I believe fabric will see me through this exploration.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

On My Walls

Needed to finish these two series, Amulets and Indigo by framing and hanging them on the wall. Sorry about the bright spots but my walls are not really gallery sites. For me it is essential to finish in this way...the last in the five creative steps is to put ones work in the world. Facebook and this blog accomplish that but going one step further by framing and living with these pieces is good for me and my artist's soul.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Perhaps Pink

I'm not much of a pink person, not in my clothes or in my art so I had to look around to see what I could find. This little tea set was my mothers and I have no recall of her ever using it or even displaying it...just up in the cupboard forever. The pedestal glass dish is lovely and also my mothers and found it in the cupboard too! I'm not much at using these but I do display them in the dining room on a glass shelf. This last is our wedding scroll. A dear friend and artist created this and inside are all the signatures of guests on our wedding day...it stretches out at least four feet and it sits in the living room on the top of a bookshelf! Did you already guess...this is the search for Roy G Biv Day! For more images click on Jennifer or Julie

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Indigo Gate

10"x13", Indigo ink, stenciled cloth, sepia ink, hand and machine stitched, beads and bone, stained trim.
The last (for now) of this series using Indigo ink on muslin. My inspiration was the moments of dawn and dusk and I've enjoyed the emotional journey. I play music of all kinds while I'm in the studio and one of my favorites is Tom Waits. These lyrics inspired my heavenly gate!
I'm close to Heaven
Crushed at the gate
Sharpen their knives
on all my mistakes
Make it Rain

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Magical Carpet

13"x14", cloth treated with Indigo paint or treated with Indigo and rust combination, beads, hand stitching and machine free stitching.

The colors in this photo seem brighter, not as true as the actual piece which has softer tones.The design element is from a mosaic floor discovered at the ruins of Masada Israel. As I added stitches, the rectangle shape seemed to become more woven as in a carpet and so I followed the lead with this title. The imagined stark desert sunlight surrounded by an edge of Indigo sky still holds me to these pieces of cloth. I have just a small pile of this cloth left but I think enough to make one more Indigo dream.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Indigo Sky

7"x8", assorted painted cloth with paper and mostly hand stitching with some machine stitching. I'm loving the indigo and I'm still persevering on the slow stitching. This piece was much larger but I kept trimming back and making late decisions on placement.
I'm already back at the work table sorting through my piles of cloth treated with indigo as well as some rust treated cloth. Keeping my eyes and heart open to those dawn and dusk memories...the kind that leave you breathless at the everyday quality of extraordinary beauty...we are so lucky to be alive no matter the circumstances! (my bit of hard won wisdom)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bits of Gray

Well here we are in the search for Roy G Biv Day, only today is extra where the search widens to the color gray. I chose these three because they were made with mostly my hand carved leaf stamp. I've used this stamp in many projects but these two show it best. I like carving an image out of soft rubbery material and I like to see it transform into a print. The title for the first piece is "Leaves of Heaven" and the second one "Tree of my Life". There is one leaf that is beaded! For more examples of gray drop by jennifer and julie

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Indigo Dusk

"Indigo Dusk", 8"x12", hand stitching.
October is my birthday month and I've gifted myself with three books, "Slow Stitching" by Claire Wellesley Smith and "Stitch Stories" by Cas Holmes and pre-ordered "Storytelling with Collage" by Roxanne Evans Stout. In the same week I also ordered online a blue plaid flannel shirt, jeans and a black cardigan with snaps....but then that is an unrelated art story!
The Slow Stitching book is beautiful and encouraged me to try slow stitching in creating this piece. Using several different fabrics was one of my distractions as well as my old eyes and stiff fingers. I'm rather disappointed with my large uneven stitches and some of this could also be my temperament. I have covered most of the surface with seed stitches, running and blanket stitches and I'm promising myself a smaller surface and less complications. This indigo piece represents my new series searching for the time just before dawn and the time just after sunset...that beautiful glow.  

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Indigo continued...

Here is an assortment of second printing with indigo. This time using some papers, glue resist, stencil and overprinting and handmade stamps.
Now today brings me to my sewing machine. The glue resist will be perfect for sewing and later maybe hand stitching.
I've also posted three of my favorite studio books. 'Art Cloth' by Jane Dunnewold, 'Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth' by Rayna Gillman and 'The Found Object in Textile Art' by Cas Homes. These three books have been great companions for my fabric art. I'm good at finding my own narrative or direction of personal meaning but I've needed clear instructions on how to explore fabric mark making. I'm never feeling alone in the studio...a thumb through these books (like calling a friend on the phone) always gives me the needed information. Great books...thank you Cas, Jane and Rayna!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Going for Gold

My three choices for GOLD on the Roy G Biv day. I love working with gold...gold leaf, gold paint, gold threads and even gold beads. For more gold finds check out Jennifer for names and sites. The first piece is mostly paint with some handmade stamps and the last two are fabric pieces. The second one is titled 'Ancient Gate' and is loaded with gold paint on fabric and papers. The last is 'Temple of Leaves' and is topped off with gold leaf. Enjoy the search!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Indigo Playtime

Assorted fabrics, cotton mostly and assorted sizes. I'm excited about this high quality indigo textile kit and spending the next days exploring what I can expect, what I like and in what ways I can surprise myself. Plenty of folding, rubber bands, wet then dry then ironing. I may only use a few but having a large amount of fabrics to choose from is enticing. I plan on using a glue resist next, more print fabrics and the usual stamping, stencil efforts.
Beginning the blessings of autumn and all that that might mean...looking back, looking forward and generally coming to terms with 'Now'. I am picking up a honey cake from the bakery tomorrow so we will share in the sweetness of our lives...! Welcome to a new season!

Friday, September 4, 2015

"Flight Home"

7"x9" cotton fabric, machine stitching, crystal beads, plaster of paris, glass fragments, silver string, painted feathers. Flight Home was not without its trials. I broke two pieces of the plaster and spilled glaze all over the fabric losing the lavender stitching. One result leads to another and if I keep my disappointment and judgement out of the way...I finally arrive where I need to be. Feathers were from those craft colorful feathers and I acrylic sprayed them this ochre shade. It took days to come to terms with this piece but now I smile.
High Holidays are fast approaching and time to look back and forward (old and new year). Our last neighborhood pool party this Monday. Planning on some indigo kit exploration...its all good this Autumn Bliss!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Love Amulet

"Love Amulet" 5"x10", painted cloth, tassels, pearl beads, wedding ring charm, gold leaf, embroidery and machine stitching, gold paper and molding paste.
Taking on the tools of the Amulet Maker in this one as well as my own story. According to Chinese Horoscope, I (monkey) am compatible with dragons. I've loved both dragons and snakes so I guess I've followed ancient suggestions. I created the snake/dragon with molding paste using a hand cut stencil. There were breaks with the paste while drying so I used gold leaf as a patch. The tear drop pearls are from a pair of earrings and the wedding ring set from a very old charm bracelet. Putting these amulets together using what is at hand has been such a good experience...no running to the store for more beads or threads. The top piece changed so many times as I couldn't find a color or print that worked for me and then ...this fabric showed up in one of my three fabric bins and I just knew it would be fine...funny how this all works in matters of the heart and art making.

Friday, August 14, 2015

"Money Enough"

41/2"x8", satin, tea stained cotton, machine and hand stitching, narrow rope trim, coins from an old pair of earrings, sepia ink for distressing.

This piece had many beginnings in composition as well as materials but invariably this work evolved into choices that changed outcome from beginning starts. Patterned after Moroccan neck purses this piece represents the need for protection and money attraction. It is one of my ongoing prayers and a protective amulet is always welcome.Trying for universal and personal is an amulet makers challenge!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

'Night into Day'

6"x7", bleached, flour resist, stencil cotton, polka dot trim, beads, machine stitching.

As a new amulet maker, I created one for me from one of my all time on going prayers of 'peace at home, night through day'. The beads represent natural protection, seeds, shells, pearls and crystals. I have since added crystals scattered on the surface. Key for amulet makers is to use what is at hand ...the polka dots at first seemed too crafty but I let go of that as polka dots give me a smile. It is created to turn from night into day and hard to see but the black is sheer with specks of metal over a purple cloth. I'll create a few more with cloth and then maybe switch over to clay?!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

'Angel Speak'

So much looking back this summer. This oil paint on paper piece was created way back in the late 90's. Someone I loved had died that summer and I wanted to create a place...a meeting of the next phase.... So on a full moon, on a hillside, I created 'Angel Speak'. For me, a launch of a new winged angel, a way for me to let go of the overwhelming grief.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Throwback 48 years!

Throwback Thursday has me all the way back to 1968...newly married, living in New Jersey and sending this photo to California family to show them my new blond hair and new Old's. Behind me is Route 1 and I'm in the parking lot of our apartment complex...lots of brick. I can't believe the patterned stockings and yes the outfit is a culotte! We moved back to California the following year and if I remember correctly I was sewing and painting in my free time....I'm still painting and sewing 48 + years later!! Have a great July turning into August weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

'Center Heart Safety'

7"x7", assorted cloth, satin and cotton, copper leaf, beads, hand and machine stitching, tassels and wire and charm.
I am an amulet maker in training. Triangle shapes are often used and its a first for me. How reassuring to have a tangible object that promises protection. Often hung in doorways or on tree branches or beloved animals or baby cribs...an ancient and current practice. The shape, knots, tassels, beads, metals and assorted objects are part of the amulet makers work table. I'm planning on 4-5 in order to take on the beauty of this ancient form of prayer.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Violet Possiblities

Two selections this time for Roy G Biv Day...seems I like violet but rarely find violet as a strong color in my work...especially fabric pieces. The top piece I posted as a yellow choice but today I'm choosing it as a 'violet' piece. The second choice is a favorite of mine. There really is a burial place referred to as 'Pharaoh's Daughter" and it is still a bit of a mystery as who this really might be...? I created a mosaic on fabric with a mixture of silver leaf. The rather alone plant is a lavender/violet with grey and rust stitched vines. This may be the end of the letters of Roy G Biv day but it will continue with other colors such as white, brown etc. so stay tuned as the search continues. Lots more violet choices at  jennifer

Friday, July 10, 2015

"Star Relic"

'Star Relic', 51/2"x7", muslin, beads, machine and hand stitching on rusted, painted stamped cloth. This piece completes my exploration and this one especially will be a reminder to return to at a later time as this one is easily connected to 'between stars' list which is FULL of possibilities for me.

Amulets is the series of choice for now. I'm excited about making beauties of power and protection. I have been reading 'Amulets' by Sheila Paine and learning so much. Of course, I'll take this info and mix it with my imagination and take to my work table. I think its going to be a good ride...more three dimensional and perfect for shadow box frames.

I see this blog has lots of visitors but not so many comments? Please feel welcome to comment anytime...I like the back and forth of thoughts, ideas, etc....!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Heaven's Keys

5"x61/2", hand cut stencils, painted cloth, machine stitching, beads...assorted glass and colored beads.

One of my suggested explorations was 'Maps of Heaven' and this little effort is about the keys to heaven as an entrance to maps and such. This is my third piece in exploring and I rather like this one. I enjoyed the mix of colors, and sewing the beads. The top four red ones are strung on thin wire to denote a way to hang this cloth piece but I will frame this in a shadow box frame.  I have a ton of saved keys going all the way back to first cars and houses...I even have a key to my office in San Francisco waaay back. 

Summer is here for sure...cool in the morning and sunny and warm in the afternoon. The prices on motels and such have doubled because it is the 'season'. Restaurants are crowded and the beaches are covered in umbrellas! My son will visit in July...its all good!

Friday, June 26, 2015

"Ritual Cloth X"

6"x61/2",  tea bags, hand carved stamp, machine and hand stitching and small black beads. First time to use tea bags as cloth and I do like the beautiful stains. I'm trying to change things up a little...using new materials to me and keeping small. Cloth doesn't hold up well in antiquity so the museum sites I have visited have few textiles from ancient middle east...mostly burial cloths.
Out of my six suggestions, I will probably complete three more before I decide on a new series. I'm already enamored with 'amulets' but I might change my mind before I finish the next three.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sample Amulet 2

Sample amulet, small 5"x51/2", painted cloth, painted paper, assorted beads, stamped, stenciled, machine and hand stitched.
Exploring new directions following my list of six suggestions (Facebook June 4th) and along the way I believe I have found a creative expression in making amulets. In the ancient world there was a thin line between magic and medicine and calling on a "scorpion charmer" was common. This charmer would among other duties, create amulets for a patient for protection?! Ideas are developing but my best way is to plunge in and try this or that...this piece went several directions and I stopped at this point. I had fun stitching beads 'using up' small amounts of leftover glass and plastic beads.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

3 in 1 and 1 more

INDIGO is the color for Roy G Biv Day! Indigo is not an easy color for me...I don't use natural indigo dyes and this strong blue rarely shows up in my work. Here I have combined my jean jacket with dyed raffia and my gold and lapis lazuli ring. The flowers below are beautiful and bloom here from early Spring through Summer and Fall. For more examples of INDIGO stop by at Julie and Jennifer for more links!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Take me Home

New Muse: 121/2"x141/2", cotton fabric, painted fabric, hand and machine stitching, rusted fabric, beads.
I've been needing a new muse and I finally settled myself to creating one. My muses, as this one wear helmets (Norse warrior women) and usually have interesting hair styles. I keep a childlike approach as that appeals to me as inspirational. She stands before an open gate( A Dr. Seuss like gate) to guide me into new fabric work. This time she is outfitted with a candle for dark times. All this wrapped up in a heavy dose of courage, gratitude and probably hard work! 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Challenge!

This is a beautiful collection of fabrics and trims ...a giveaway that I won from the studio of Constance Rose.This photo doesn't capture the beautiful mix of colors...I'm speechless! I'm also challenged! I've laid out these fabrics in a corner of my studio with a small notebook and when my attention is drawn to them, I write down what I think I see or hear. So far 1. forest floor 2. rose petal box 3. dream potions. Not all I write makes sense to me yet so this may take awhile...I'll post my progress! Thank you, Connie...here is to 400,000 more views!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Busy Worktable!

I keep a neat house...really, I do! Beds are made, dishes are done, everything is in its place until I start a creative project and then all bets are off! The music is on, and things are moving from here to there. I act as though there is a clean-up crew waiting outside! My Virgo husband (first husband was a Virgo too!) always has a shocked look on his face as he can't believe what he is seeing! When I'm done....I'm more than happy to get to the cleaning and organizing...but not until the project is complete.I'm my happiest when I'm in the middle of this all!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blue, blue day

An assortment of blue to celebrate Roy G Biv day! The bowl is a favorite of mine...purchased at an antique store because I loved the color and the sturdy little feet. Always love the planets and this one was my concept of a dashboard on an early blue morning flight. Third is called "Wait Station" and was a way for me to combine paper, paint and thread. Last was one of my muses (almost all of my muses wear helmets and carry light) I once dreamt of seeing the earth from another vantage point and so (she) with her helmet and ribbons,braids and light...shows me the way home! Beautiful blues out there today...might want to visit Julie and Jennifer!