Thursday, October 30, 2008

Open Studio Acquistition!

"Synchronicity" by Florie ...canvas measures 6"x6" acrylic. Florie is inspired by petraglyphs (sp) and has visited cave sites here and in Mexico. She teaches ESL in the evenings and paints as often as possible. Participating in Open Studio was a very big deal and it was my pleasure to visit and to buy one of her pieces. I've known Florie for years, we go to meditation together, we had a show together at a local gallery with another friend Deena entitled Sacred Vows, Sacred Visions. When we can manage it, we meet for a coffee date and time just flies!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Back to the Caravan

Enough with the birthdays, time to return to the dream images, the caravan. This is the 2nd of the small pieces dealing with dim light of night. I wanted to express the feeling of moving on sand in darkness. The sounds, smells of the slow movement past the sleeping structures. It measures 8"x8" on foam core, collage, acrylic, joint compound and lino cut stamp. I like using what I have and breaking some rules. Below is a photo of my small collection of plates for this series minus the potato cuts. I added wine corks for handles and made the stamps.

I'll be picking up my four larger pieces on Wednesday from the photo lab...sounds silly but I've missed them!

Friday, October 24, 2008

"When I'm Sixty-Four"

When I get older losing my hair
many years from now
will you still be sending me a valentine
birthday greeting, bottle of wine
if I'd been out till quarter to three
would you lock the door
Will you still need me
Will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four

This was not my favorite Beatles song but for today it fits me! What was my mother thinking parting my hair down the middle? I remember school pictures and all the excitement. Weeks later ordering the packets which included small photos for trading with friends. The 50's were so simple, school pictures, milk money and weekly bank deposits on Friday. I also remember an art teacher and a music teacher visiting on a regular basis. Oh, and library day where we were marched over to pick out a was magical to me. There was recess, dodge ball, kickball, four-square and swings and slides but never in those years did I imagine my self reaching 64. I wonder if children are still sweet and excited by school? I'm not around children and it doesn't look promising with my two sons and Pablo's son...single, all three. What are your memories of grammar school?
I'm going to lunch with friend Deena and Pablo and I will go to the movies and dinner. Sunday my youngest son will visit as the 23rd was his birthday...cupcakes for everyone! Oldest son celebrates Nov. 3.
I'm okay at 64, healthy enough, grateful and peaceful....hardly ever lust after "things" anymore. Love creating in my studio, laugh everyday and generally okay with the regrets issue. Love my husband and friends and open to loving more. It's all still magical to me!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pool Closing

Our neighborhood pool is closing Friday with a BBQ lunch...should be fun. The photo is too dark but the chairs have brightly colored striped cushions and the umbrellas behind the camera are lime green. There was plenty of bickering but the board finally spent the money (our money)on these nice improvements and it's been resort like to go to the the pool this summer. We have a spa that stays open all year but around December it takes more courage than I have to go up there in my robe and flip flops...I guess once in and under the water but OH getting there! We don't have the fall color, just the lifeguard shacks are put away and the roller coaster is closed on weekdays...that is how we know fall is here! ha The pool reopens in April...fog or no fog!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Just Want to Go Home!

That title is code for I want out for a time, a place to close the doors on current find comfort of sanctuary, restful sleep, good food, safety and natural beauty. I've mumbled or sometimes screamed those words when situations have been overwhelming such as my hospital stay in April. This has been the prayer for all time, our human desire to barricade the cave opening, tie the tent flap or move the ladder from the tree house...time out....a universal need. These first few pieces have become the literal journey to the oasis using the ancient desert themes. I know as in the past the imagery will eventually evolve into more abstraction. The "Little Night Journey" is collage, potato print on foam core. It measures 8"x8". I like the darkness.
Change of subject: I am thinking of beginning the HBO series of "John Adams". I have heard good reports and I believe it has won several awards. Great change of pace, history ,drama costumes etc....I need to separate myself from the nightly news shows that repeat and repeat the days political activities. Could there be anyone that is still undecided?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Two On The Aisle

Fun Day yesterday...we stopped off at a friend's Open Studio and Pablo bought greeting cards and I bought a small canvas. I'll pick it up in a week, after Open Studio closes.

We both enjoyed "Burn After Reading". Not as good as other Coen Brother's movies such as "Brother Where Art Thou" but the cast was sensational and I enjoyed those m&m"s.

Today was closet cleaning and sorting the summer clothes to my storage area. Three piles, one for keepers, one for consignment and one for Goodwill. It's fun to see at the end of the season what sells on consignment and receive a check too. I'm rarely at the stores but somehow I have managed to collect quite a few items. I admit to some catalog shopping once in awhile.
On the subject of cleaning, I also had the heater checked with new filter, water heater drained ,weatherized the doors and this week I'll have the large bushes and vines cut back. No time is now available!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Japan" by Billy Collins

For several years it was Pablo's habit to read to me in the evening...mostly poetry and because our memories are fading or because we loved this poem...well anyway, he read "Japan" to me many nights and I later created these three small encaustics in reaction to "Japan". You'll want to read the whole poem but he starts out describing himself reading a favorite haiku and then he takes it all
to a much deeper and more beautiful place. (In my opinion) All three measure 4"x4" (something odd about my scanner) photo collage, silver leaf and layers of wax, mostly blue. I rarely work with encaustics because of my workspace...poor ventilation and I feel uneasy. What I do like about encaustics is the polishing and the sweet
scent of beeswax. I seem to be having trouble today organizing this post and I am sorry not to have a link to Billy Collins....this poem "Japan" is in his book "Sailing Alone Around the Room".

Friday, October 3, 2008

"Flying Fearless Freyja"

October is here...for me that represents the new year as recorded in Viking history. Spiritually it's our new year (Pablo and me)and October is my birthday (Suki too) which begins yet another new year!
I've just ended working with my coach Shannon, she has been so supportive and has directed me to some hard questions concerning new work. I have been able to set new goals in subject as well as marketing goals. The coaching course was offered by Eric Maisel and it's the second time I've participated in the program.
I also began the new series with a surprise! Since last spring my illness left me shaken and unsure about my energy and what I could expect from myself in the way of new work. I still love a challenge, exploration, research, mixing materials and methods but do I have the strength both physical and emotional to see a series through?I created a muse by creating what I needed most...fearlessness. Her title is "Flying Fearless Freyja", she like the others wears a helmet and this time goggles. Her hair is made of cloth, feathers and her braid of ribbon, cloth and satin. acrylic paint. After framing her I took to my journal and wrote from her perspective: Make yourself an oasis, a plan to rest, to heal, to lay down smell sweet perfume, drink cool water and taste honeyed dates, spiced olives and warm bread. Sleep with the stars and moon circling your soul and awaken to bird song and sunshine. Go, go and rest your body, mind and soul. You have further to go and you've been through an unexpected, smile again, fill your eyes with grateful tears.....The subject of oasis has come up for me on and off and so it is now fascinating me enough to begin work! I begin with mixed media stories or narratives of oasis. I plan on 6-8 pieces. I have taken four to be photographed and I must admit I've struggled within my spirit. I believe they are a prelude to more abstract work...we shall see. It is so helpful having this blog to clarify where I am in this process ...thank you for your presence.