Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love Code 2

UPDATE: March 3rd. Posted too soon, needed to take this one back to the easel and reconnect, re-engage, adding and taking away, glazing, stitching and now (maybe) it feels done!

20"x20" Rives BFK, acrylic soaked fabric squares, hand cut print block, light molding paste and water color crayon. Still finding Quinacridone Magenta a fun color especially mixed with latex color testers.
Spring is snapping at my heels and I'm getting pretty excited about the changes. Plenty of days of rain and cold wind but buds are showing up and the sun peeks through long enough to start the search for sunglasses.
Studio work is in full swing...taking a look at what 'pulls me' at the deepest level. I have put together my collection of Muses in a slide show in the sidebar. The next thing on my list is to freshen up my business cards...I am going with moo.com

Friday, February 4, 2011

Walking with Ruth

20"x20" Rives BFK, acrylic,paint stained fabric collage, cardboard, watercolor crayon and wax thread. A pattern has been emerging, a composition that I'm sinking into and will explore. The square shape represents (to me) the table top (helicopter view), in a grid, fragments, mosaic of memories in the grand collective. The four (legs) in the Byzantine view finder which also appeals to me. This particular piece has a quote from the Book of Ruth, a story I find beautiful and universal and ongoing in my art making.

One of my goals for this winter's hibernation was to get my website up and running with a link here on the blog. The site still begs me for tweaking but if you would click on my name M.Lehrer-Plansky in the sidebar, you might visit and look about. It feels so good to cross off a goal ... now forty + days until Spring... my really big studio goal!