Saturday, August 20, 2016

Garden Wall Relic

13"x14", gauze like cloth, muslin and cotton. Stamped and stitched by machine and by hand, silver beads, solar print and indigo and tea stains. I used what is called Sunography, a fabric that is a light sensitive 100% cotton in a variety of colors...measures 6"x6".
I'm fascinated by the latest discoveries of ancient mosaics which beautifully depict an assortment of birds, animals, fish and flora in amazing clarity. My piece is related to these findings and in my own way of creating what once was and what is now remaining. I focused on more of the dream image of art on a garden wall. The bottom tag with roman numerals is a way of cataloging as one might on a real dig. I used both indigo to help depict tiles and soaked the piece in tea for a more aged feel.
One more of ancient garden pieces and then I'll change it up a little. I work best if I move around on both subject and more solar print. I fully intend on coming back to these materials but a break will give me fresh eyes!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Homage Vl

5"x8", sun prints, satin, cotton, silver and glass beads, silver leaf, embroidery and machine stitching. Much smaller piece this time, a homage to the pomegranate. Lots of history connected to this unusual fruit. Native to Iran. I was taken by the theory that thousands of years of translations might have gotten it wrong and the pomegranate was the true forbidden fruit instead of the apple? I so like the color and shape of this healthy and special fruit and most of all the ruby red seeds! These shapes all began as sun prints, reversing the image on the small ones. Up next might be larger and maybe represent whole ancient dreamy gardens...!
I've been framing the pieces that I love and hanging them in the studio...surrounding myself in what speaks to me. Not every piece does that and sometimes it takes awhile for me to know which ones have my heart...enjoying this cool summer.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Show Closing

I was pleased to find my "Temple of Leaves" right smack in the center of the show...with title of the show above. I haven't been in a juried show in a long time and it was nice to share space with other artists. The show closes August 7th.