Tuesday, November 20, 2018

First Becomes Last

mixed media,9 3"x3" canvas, gold leaf, wire, crystals, assorted cloth and machine stitching. This was the first image on this blog waaay back in 2008. Funny story....I had this blog up and running a short time and I became ill. Thinking I might have pneumonia, Paul and I went to the doctors and one thing led to another and 15 days later in the intensive care ward I was told I had 3weeks to 3months to live if I went home. I chose to go home and with the help of hospice....I slowly got better...better meaning hospice could pack up and leave ...friends could stop cooking dinners because now I could go on but with limits. I would  need to be  using oxygen full time...day and night. We adjusted, with oxygen canisters and concentrator and cpaps. We changed to electric kitchen and we had help with once a month heavy cleaning otherwise we returned to our normal lives, took small trips and had fun dates. My condition is not a disease but rather a serious problem with crushing torso due to osteoporosis The funny part of this is that my art making became a stronger focus. I spent time in the studio exploring and just generally playing. Having this blog was one of my delights. Comments have mostly faded but I am devoted to keeping this space open. Lately I have slowed to a stop at the work bench. I don't know what an artist block might feel like but I know I am not suffering from any angst, self-doubt yada yada yad. One day I noticed I hadn't been working or even stepping in to clean up or gather materials or write about next projects. It has been awhile and I've looked at this from many angles. My health has taken a change as well...10 years is a long time and I believe at 74 other factors have come into play...I did smoke as a young woman so that might explain my physical wearing down.

 Final thoughts I will continue this blog, adding words and photos art related and when I have a new piece, I will gladly share. I'm active on Facebook. . Thanks for taking the time to read this!