Friday, March 22, 2013

Desert Lamp

14"x20"  Desert Lamp

The desert lamp has too many methods for me to has been a wild ride. It all began with some writing concerning desert nights and as I would write and rewrite it would set off changes in the cloth image. I would say this piece has become my personal Sampler as I can "read" all the different fabric treatments. It will be a valuable tool for me because I don't take notes and easily forget what I did and when. I have a few books that have been very helpful especially in the area of warnings. I don't have the lungs or brains to waste so I'm glad about the cautions. "Art Cloth" by Jane Dunnewold has been a wonderful resource and I recently picked up "The Found Object" by Cas Holmes. I'm excited about reading and experiencing this fresh well written textile art book. I discovered Cas Holmes "Bee Mapping" on Art Propelled  ...thank you Robyn!  I have taken some time to look at all I've accomplished this winter even down to learning how to thread my sewing machine. I so like approaching an adventure(big or small) and I can say the same for my studies of "Walking the Bible" by Bruce Feiler. From this great book I've been led to subscribe to Biblical Archeology magazine which has become a real treat month after month! I have a small show planned for next January and I do plan to take these cloth images and create a calendar/notebook for 2014. Which images? I'm going to continue on this cloth adventure so it will be interesting what I can put together at the end of the year.

Spring cleaning including yard cleanup! I've purchased herbs and annuals so this weekend will be potting washing down the deck and turning it back into an extra outdoor permitting!. We might be a few weeks ahead but I wish everyone a fresh new Spring! Melt snow, melt! Happy Fall to all on the other side too!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Looking for Light

15"x20" piece of muslin, printed stamped fabric, stitching around X's, narrow side panels, assorted chalk drawings.

Slow moving in the studio this week so I thought I'd share work in progress. I really don't know the proper way one puts these cloth pieces together. The sheet of muslin as my base allows me to pin, cut and compose as well as having the loose background to fit into an embroidery ring for stitching and beads. I draw with a chalk pencil over and over and even when I lay fabrics out it can lead to an entirely different piece. At this point I've written a short poem about lantern light and now I'm dancing with images and shapes. I'm interested in using french knots and some metallic and right now I'm loving the X printed sample. Everything else is subject to change.

Spring has sprung. This morning the birds were nest building and chirping away. We purchased daffodill buds and they are already beginning to open! It was actually a mild winter but a change in seasons is always welcome!