Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nostalgia 11"x11"

Years ago I was a printmaker day and night...especially loved relief printing and monotypes.
This last Thursday I was cleaning out my storage shed and rearranging art work in a neater fashion. I came upon both the wooden plate and this framed print. We had old fence boards on the side of the house long time ago and I cut and used them for relief prints, cutting with my tools...looking for angels in the grain of the wood. This one was printed black ink and I hand colored with watercolor.

I feel like the Italian cooks in my old neighborhood (they had their regular kitchens and then a summer kitchen set up outside). I'm painting a little on the deck with oils and then (these oils take a long time to dry) running inside and working with acrylics. Right now I have four oils and three acrylics in some beginning and middle stage. I'm not's fun actually! I'm not focusing on a strict line of a series but I know my writing, spirit connection, circles and squares will show up!

My great niece is getting married late July and I'm trying to find a complete outfit that looks good, feels comfortable and cool enough for late afternoon wedding outside! Today I picked up gladiator sandals and silver bangles for a modern touch and now this week I'll be searching for a great looking purse. I will be wearing white with a turquoise linen jacket. Because it will be late afternoon sunshine....I'm trying to talk Pablo into a Panama Hat...he's not sure! Have a great weekend everyone.... we are smack into summer days and nights...enjoy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

"Oil Painting Retreat" Continues

The first photo is of the three beginning pieces for our (Deena and me) 'oil painting retreat' earlier this month. I did one black/white, blue/orange/ and yellow/purple random acrylic base. The second photo shows progress made on the two of those pieces measuring approx. 15"x15". The blue/orange one has collage pieces and has a clear grid. I may paint out some of the grid or I was thinking I might cut them into smaller squares and collage them onto another paper. The one behind (yellows and lavenders) has just had shapes cut in with a dark color...more work needed. I have made so many re-discoveries about painting with oils. Drying time and finding the best medium have been the two stumbling blocks in returning to oils. I find myself researching all the mediums on the shelf which can be fun and expensive. Because of the slow drying time..I'll come back into the house for acrylic mixed media work....I just need to keep my brushes separated!

Today is Summer Solstice and hope everyone enjoys this nice long daylight! We still have more than our share of fog in the morning and the afternoons although sunny are on the cool side...could use a couple nice hot days!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad...Early years.

A photo of my sister (standing) my father and me on his lap. From early on he was a devoted father. I never remember a time when he wasn't available. Smart, funny, handsome, he had a big blue eyes and big warm hands and when he held your hand you couldn't help feeling loved and completely safe. He preferred the background...shy you might say and yes, stubborn too but there was never a day I didn't know he loved me. Now, that is a stable childhood. Happy Father's Day always!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Always Something!

This is one of my candy stores errr... paint supply stores. I dropped in to one place to pick up YES glue and now I see I'm running low on Odorless paint thinner. I'll drop by this land of much would you like to bet I won't drive away with just odorless paint thinner?!

The weather has been great and my friend Dona drove over Monday for lunch!! She began with a chocolate martini and I started with champagne...altogether our lunch lasted four hours but wait we continued on to the bakery where she bought goodies for the family. We then changed in to swimsuits and took an hour or so for some swimming and more chatting! We have been BFF for 23 years and no plans to stop! Isn't it great to have such a good friend that a whole day goes by with just the fun of chatting!

Update: Annell of SOMETHINGS I THINK ABOUT has posted a piece of my artwork and has quoted my personal take on the subject of 'rejection' in art. Give her a visit...she creates lovely work and lives in an enchanted place...New Mexico!

There is a new show on's about aspiring artists and they are challenged each week with a show and elimination. The big winner at the end gets a show at the Brooklyn Museum and cash! It's on here at 10pm. Has anyone been following this show? Deena just gave me this: check it out!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Topsy Turvy Tomatoes?

I'm not sure if we'll ever see tomatoes as this spot only receives afternoon sun. Most mornings we have beach overcast. I'm watering and I have some yellow blossoms but I'll need the heat to bring in the beautiful red globes. This area is easy to grow artichokes, lettuce and brussel sprouts...tomatoes not so much!

So I finished my Tableau of my early beach years and posted it in the sidebar. I've been writing and asking myself what will be next? Any journeys? how about explorations...planets...sacred altars, hidden myths?How about quests in the near future...revisiting stories and tales and places unknown? I've also asked myself what work do I admire right now? What do I admire in others work? What is it I like in my own art making? The short answer is I love circles and squares (did a series of sewn circles in little squares and grids) painting and printmaking (compass series) and mixed media of all variety. I read up on the symbols of circles and squares and then into octagons (8) my lifelong number. So here it is for awhile...grids equal for me circles and squares over and over. I'm smiling..I'm excited and just happy to return and begin again with my beloved shapes.

Movie update: Tonight the "Time Traveler's Wife". I imagine everyone has already seen this one as it was a very popular movie. Once again, I'll get out the popcorn and give it a go!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lunch With Karen

Actually I took this photo of the Boardwalk this morning. I'd forgotten my camera
Thursday when I met my niece Karen for lunch on the municipal wharf. She took off her lunch hour and drove over the crowded highway and summit...60 miles + so we could have our well needed time together...tasty salad, wine and chatting about family and our current events. Karen's daughter Lauren is getting married in July so we had plenty to discuss...her wedding will be wonderful and it's a big family event! I've loved Karen all her life and so grateful for her friendship.

Today I worked inside with acrylics...this one measures 21"x22" Rives BFK, collage, shells, subtraction prints and stencils. I have plans to add drawing and more color. I'm trying for the flat story a Tableau. These images are related to my writing of the first year when I moved to this beach town. I was alone, grateful and yet grieving as a widow. I didn't know anyone and signed up for a variety of classes as well as began a routine of walking on the beach... a way to feel connected to others and the community. Some days I just couldn't master the courage and the writing was helpful...I've kept a journal for years in good times and bad and the art usually begins from the words. A few lines written in 1995:

Morning mist, white foamed waves
Serious business this daylight
Walking for health sake
Walking to gather my souls flight
Fog enshrouds me with forgiveness and encouragement to hold on tight.

People and picnics
Walking the dog
Jumping the waves and even sunbathing
We are all here and in my own way a silent agreement to acknowledge this gift
With today's tears of gratitude

Movie Update: It finally happened...Pablo and I sat down to watch our "Goya's Ghosts" and within a few minutes we both knew we had rented this before...a few years ago but still??!
It was all vague and some parts completely forgotten. I enjoyed seeing
Goya's candle hat and they showed many of his prints but the rest of the movie was primarily a story of other characters and the tragedies of war in Spain...not enough Goya, not enough art for me...I can't recommend it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Oil Painting Outside!

The weather has been perfect....light bugs and birds in and out of hidden places in the bushes and trees...busy with their nest building and tending. I have from early morning until 2:30 pm to paint and then the sun comes around and it is too warm to continue. This canvas measures 16"x16" oil with collage. I have stopped and started so many times waiting for good weather that I have lost track of where I left off. I'll need to do some sitting, staring and writing before I continue. This Sunday, Deena is coming over for an "Oil Painting Retreat".....another word for playing, painting,inspiring, whining and laughing...we will work at this until quitting time...2:30 and then the iced mocha for contemplation!

Saturday Pablo and I will be watching Goya's Ghosts starring Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman and directed by Milos Forman. I'm hoping for beautiful color, scenery, story, history and yes, passion! Anyone seen this one?

Have a great weekend, everyone!