Sunday, March 23, 2008


" Time in Orange "8"x8" mixed media. Because it is the second piece in a set of 3, I already knew the all over color would be greyed down, silver leaf would be a strong element and the bottom section would be a collaged line marking system. The addition of the three squares around the stitched circle was a choice that seemed balanced after many other attempts. (thinking) The stitched circle consisted of layers of netting, lace and rows of stones. The process can be long or short depending on when I can say the elements speak of the vision of inner glow and compliment and work as one piece. This is not art from observation but rather from inside out, holding to both freedom and boundries.
Reporting on the afternoon in Carmel...great! Forgot the camera but that turned out to be okay. We had lunch in a sunny courtyard cafe and later drinks on the edge of a meadow. It was a day to include sunny observations, sounds, smells, some silence, some silliness, snacks, flavors and very few details. The day was brushed with wide brush strokes!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finding Inspiration

"00" This 8"x8" canvas was the first in the series that I developed after completing and selling the one pictured below. I like challenging myself to create with unfamiliar media such as machine stitching fabric and adding paint, oil pastel and silver leafing. It has been my way of discovering the "beginner's mind". With all that said, the canvas has taken on it's own beauty by becoming a simple, raw image that holds mystery for me. The row of narrow lines below the circle have appeared in my work many times. I believe they represent the marking of time for me as all time -- ancient and sacred -- fascinate me. This series feels done and totals 12. Maybe I will come back to the concept of the human and divine but at a later time and with a different approach.

I've taken a break from the studio to focus on new inspiration and have found some interest in the perfection of the snowflake?! Pablo brought home two beautiful and informative books on the snowflake so I have research ahead. Before work there is play! Tomorrow we will take off for a day trip to Carmel. The forecast is for a sunny day and I'll take the camera!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sales equal Encouragement?

Mixed media on paper...Arches printmaking paper. The finished look, matted, under glass has a polished and sophisticated appearance. This piece is important to the series as it is the mother to the next 10. I had worked with the concept of the human & divine in abstract forms but this one showed me so much potential. Right away, I wanted to explore more ways to express these odd shaped stitched circles within squares as a way of clarifying the spiritual mix. I was also encouraged to continue when this piece sold off my studio wall!
This is my second post and it has taken me nearly a week to get to it...I am humbled and want to congratulate all you bloggers that post lively, interesting blogs with regularity. I don't feel my life is busy...just Pablo (new husband) and me here at the beach. We have our routines but slow paced for sure. I've kept a journal for over 25 years so I thought it would be an easy transition for me only I find myself concerned with spellcheck, making sense(not easy for a visual artist) and fun...things that never concerned me when I was keeping my journal just for myself. I have on my list to see about flickr and some ways to spread out into this vast new world. I promise to get to fun soon but for now I'm glad to be out here taking my first few rides!

Monday, March 3, 2008

First day!

Gold 9
Actually this piece consists of 9 small canvas pieces 4"x4". Each one begins with layers of fabric machine stitched together in a circle of sorts. The fabric choices are varied...old paint rags, satin and cotton to name a few. Most have the addition of stones, some wire and all share paint and gold leafing. My heart was about the many layers and shapes of the human and divine. The imperfect within the beauty of color and gold...all becoming startling divine by connection and support. I like them all together but I have hung them in different ways. Selling them as one is a must $245.
This is such a grand day for me!!! My first ever post. I have plenty to learn and plenty to add but for a first day out, I have such a big grin on my face. I have been thinking and talking about having my own blog for the longest time. I called Gail on my server's list of consultants and she spent an hour and half talking me through and explaining options. I see her as my angel (we share the same birth date) because this old brain is slow and she was so very patient. Well dear friends, the adventure begins. I'm sure it will evolve in strange and mysterious ways very much like my art and very much like my life...thank you for joining me on this very first day!