Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wilderness Lamp

7"x15", muslin, cotton, suede, satin ribbon, trim, newsprint, embroidery, machine stitching, copper beads.

I began this piece with stitching together leftover stamped fragments on this rose/pink cloth. First the stars, moon and sun and then machine stitching. Started to look like a center part of a lantern (I like lamp shapes) so I added this suede cloth for the top and mottled brown for the base. I bought the suede way back 25 years ago so this became a perfect choice to finally use it. After adding beads and ribbon it felt complete to me. I see this lamp as a metaphor for lighting my way into new work. Below is an excerpt from my journal that speaks of this internal lamp:         Could this be my needed lantern? Not a direction but a companion for travels unknown to me. I'm facing new places, lists, templates and fabrics. Maybe now spirits can be lifted and I might move forward. The fool is met and guided. The lonely heart is held once again and hope returns.    I'm challenging myself to 9 or 10 larger pieces with a strong ancient I'm pleased about beginning!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

RED + Nine

This is a re-post of my first post way, way back to March 3rd, 2008. I did this to honor "Search for Roy G Biv" day. On the third Thursday of each month, I'll be posting (along with other artists) a photo representing the color (red) for this month. All this began for me over at the blog: Jennifer Coyne Qudeen ... check it out!!

These 9 little canvas pieces represent some of my first steps in combining fabric with paint and other media. I remember using an assortment of paint rags, silk, organza and paper ... machine stitching it all together in a random circular fashion. The fabric pieces were glued to canvas and colored stones, wire, paint and gold leaf were added. The Human and Divine was my inspiration as I was enjoying the idea of what each one of us might look like as bits of beauty in a star-like swirling shape.