Friday, August 26, 2011

"Hope Realized"

18"18" Rives BFK, molding paste, stencil, collograph, water based inks, acrylic, oil pastel and collage.

"Hope Realized" is about the countless sacred hopes, wishes, wants, desires and prayers. How many times have I whispered a hope from simple to complex? A question came up in my journal...Do we have a lifetime allotment of wishes and if so is there a catalog, a tracking system? A daunting task by an unseen force? I've thought about my hopes realized and easily believe I have received a generous blessing of answered wishes and prayers. In this piece I used these awkward shaped collographed bottles in a row and added a rather large one below...filled to the brim and tightly sealed. Also noticing the space and time and energy between speaking, thinking, wanting and even forgetting. How the energy returns in beautiful ways...a phone call, a wrong turn, perfect information read, heard or overheard. Ways are found, doors are opened, roads leading directly and indirectly but one thing for sure...I believe hopes are powerful and are heard!
Next effort will be  "Hope Deferred".

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nights Remembered

UPDATE: The questionable feather fell off and I took it as my direction!

18"x24", collage, monotype, hand cut stamps, rubber washers, painted cloth, watercolor ink and acrylic.

This is my sacred night vessel and began with a flash of recalling babies crying in the night, worries, fears, storms inside and out. Those awful creaks and noises in the darkest night. A deep breath and the mood changes to night music, passion and safe sweet sleep. These last memories far outweigh the darker ones. Again out of 24, 455 nights most have been blessed and almost all safe. Safe, as compared to others who walk in the night in fear and sleep with hunger.

This piece was a challenge and became darker than I had hoped...I added mediums and glazes and unexpectedly the moons in the vessel took on a gold color. I added (Sweetwood) SW-8591 which was our  first phone number, it represents to me all those nights the phone rang with good news and even bad. Question: Let go of the bird feather or keep it? I was remembering the night songbirds but I think the feather might be a distraction? I have a collograph planned for the next two.