Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wedding (ezor)

12" x 7" bleached, overprinted with black and applied bronze foil with the base being  brown cotton, machine stitched and embroidery, glass beads and metallic threads on black suede/like cloth.
I've added a photo of my stamp plate, an assortment of little cut pieces glued onto a piece of Plexiglas.
My research tells me that biblical clothing consisted of undergarments held in place by an ezor, a belt, sash or even called a girdle. These were made of leather, linen and I understand fine embroidery might have been used for special occasions and for high priests, there was also the addition of a cloak. These fabrics and beads would have been influenced by caravan trade with Syrians, Egyptian empires.On this belt fragment I added glass looking beads which was my first attempt to sew such small little things. No easy task with long needle and little eye but I actually got the hang of it and had some fun adding here and there where beads might still be seen on a worn fragment.This piece was slow to finish but I think I'm finally there. In my dream mind of inspiration I couldn't  help but  recall the story of Jacob marrying Rebekkah.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Solstice

From my studio walls to yours "Happy Winter Solstice". It all begins to turn this Friday whether we notice or not. These short days become longer and the time of darkness changes as well. Below are some of my thoughts on winter ( printed in my catalog; see sidebar) and written several years ago but seem to still fit for me this winter.

This dark winter season holding dreams yet dreamed
Warmed by hopes of the promised gifts of Spring
Planting those beginning seeds in dark moonless evenings
Faith in gifts of ancient souls
Find the chant, no the humming lullaby for the tired heart long traveled,
Ring the bells, turn the prayer wheel. This winter of finding and
Accepting my soul's rhythm has begun.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Transitional Piece

7"x7", embroidery on a loose weaved bleached black cloth...featured in my 11/23 post. I wanted to learn some new stitches so this piece was my first effort in 'couching'. I used two different colors, salmon & black for the circular lines on this round shape. I also used satin stitch and french knots. The metallic is an iron-on foil that I needed to order online. The results of using this foil has been uneven but I think I need to practice to improve results. I feel after finishing, that it has become a transitional piece leading me into creating fragments of garments, such as belts, trims on cloaks. that might represent the clothing of another time.My research of biblical garments has been interesting and creating fragile remnants of cloth(adding beads, embroidery, paint and bleach among other efforts) will hopefully bring a flavor of mystery and beauty of what might have been. It's a rich project for me as it electrifies my imagination in a similar way as my journey I made into the myth and science of travelling among the planets and stars. This is turning into a winter of new skills and open ended ideas of play!!