Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sacred Cloth Revealed 2

13"x14", layers of black satin, netting, muslin and loose weave printed cloth, machine stitching, embroidery and beads, ink pen markings.

Beginning new work with my focus mainly on machine and hand stitching. In this case I was trying for a weave effect by sewing a variety of rows of stitching to create a design. An old cloth uncovered, frayed and stained ... a remnant of a cloth of possible sacred use. Trying also to stay with desert colors and shapes. I used four thin layers of cloth to give depth and as a reminder of what remains after a long time of neglect. I'm interested in starting my next piece and hoping to include bead fringe. I picked up a 'Bead' book at the library and I'm excited to try some new methods with beads. Bead fringe will be my first new effort!

Friday, October 25, 2013

And the Winner is...

Drum roll please, shake that tambourine .......the winner of this Giveaway is ROXANNE OF RIVER GARDEN STUDIO!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Roxanne and please send me an email with your mailing address...I will try to get this notebook in the mail by Monday! Thank you to everyone who left a comment...blogland is such an encouraging place.

My birthday is going well, thank you for all the good wishes! Dinner out tomorrow night and a great lunch ahead on Sunday.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Big Giveaway!

I once again partnered up with to create a book. This time I'm sharing my fabric pieces related to my study of the book "Walking the Bible" by Bruce Feiler, who was featured on a PBS special. I decided on a notebook as the best way to serve the images and allow for writing. I think of this notebook as a travel journal, a writing at dusk after a long spent day, or it could be used in the morning after a dream filled night and or writing in the afternoon with a cup of tea. The notebook measures 6" x 9", about 100 pages with 18 pages of photos intermixed among lined paper.

So click above and preview the notebook and then return here and leave a comment. On October 25th (my birthday) I'll pull a name from the big blue bowl!



Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Carnelian Night Garden

8"x10", black burlap, bleached fabric, beads, cotton backing, machine stitching.

My original intention was to begin new work with pale desert colored cloth and then this little black unraveling piece caught my eye as well as the remainder of my carnelian looking beads. So one thing led to another and I paired this dark cloth with cut out shapes revealing bleached printed floral fabric. These blossoms took on a moonlight glow for me. I added the beads in a splayed out fashion and added a red backing. I quickly ironed and photographed this piece as it was really difficult to hold a dream.

The photo is of a silver and carnelian ring I've had for well over thirty years. I was told at the time it was old and possibly created in Morocco. Its design resembles the old poison rings and has always brought up
romantic desert tales for me. The stone is found in India which makes me believe it could have easily found itself on a caravan as a trading item. Carnelian is considered a joyful stone with calm energy. I wear it often stacked with other silver!