Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Leaves of Heaven"

12"x12" wood panel with fabric image. Second image in mosaic series of 3. Flour paste resist, cotton, hand and machine stitching, digital photo leaves on organza and hand stamped leaves. New computer and new photo editing software so I've been in a slowdown about posting. I was not born with a mouse in my hand and everything I learn seems to take me so long. I've discovered the wood panel is not ideal for the way I work. I like to change my mind, cut away or add to a piece and its almost impossible when its glued down. I'll try for the third mosaic in this series and I'll use the remaining panel but that will be it for me combining fabric onto wood.
This is such a special time of year for me ... a turning it seems. I'm willing to re-think my direction in art making, a fresh beginning to a new/old journey. A time to replenish supplies, write and dream up places, ideas for these last years. I will be turning 70 in October and that requires a celebration for sure. I'm willing to let go and to open up, to change and to invite the familiar. Not making much sense but my first job is to clean the studio and start writing! Enjoy your Autumn.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

'Back to Black'

A combination entry to both Throwback Thursday and Roy G Biv Day. Nothing seems so black as the black in these pinhole photographs. I explored art making with pinhole cameras several years ago. I had access to tech support at our local college which allowed me to have fun with the whole exploration. The painted 'red' oatmeal box was my camera and the 'black' is represented by these pinhole images scattered about. Later in that year of exploration I had a small show combining my poetry with these strange dark images. I'm anxious to see other 'black' representations over at Jennifer Coyne Qudeen

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Inspired by ....

41/2x41/2 panels using encaustic with collage. These were done ages ago but thought I would repost for Throwback Thursday. I was inspired by the poem 'Japan' by Billy Collins. The poem is about a Haiku and I have taken an excerpt from that poem and printed below.

It's the one about the one-ton
temple bell
with the moth sleeping on its surface,

and every time I say it, I feel the excruciating
pressure of the moth
on the surface of the iron bell.

When I say it at the window,
the bell is the world
and I am the moth resting there.

When I say it into the mirror,
I am the heavy bell
and the moth is life with its papery wings.

And later, when I say it to you in the dark,
you are the bell,
and I am the tongue of the bell, ringing you,

and the moth has flown
from its line
and moves like a hinge in the air above our bed.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Revealing First Days"

12"x12"x2" wood panel, hand and machine stitching, hand stamping, turquoise beads, rust and flour resist, muslin,loose weaved painted cloth.
This is the first of  two mosaic images (maybe three)that I am creating using the fabrics from the previous post. I have arranged, rearranged,
cut, stitched, glued and spent days dancing around until this final result. For me it is "my find" of a mosaic image. It could be a floor fragment, a wall portion but it is what seems like a final piece. I used the wood panels because I have had them hanging around for too long.
I'm not an Internet gamer but I've been reading "Reality is Broken" by Jane McGonigal and intrigued by what might be a new experience in my virtual/reality life or how I might fit into some interesting new directions.