Friday, October 29, 2010

First day results

Working title: "Fields of Boaz", 20"x20", Rives BFK, light molding paste, bubble wrap impressions, collage painted tissue paper, acrylic.This is the result of first efforts in the studio for my ongoing autumn series. I had better get busy before I face the big winter sleep! BUT first, I'll create a personal mandala. I had lunch with my friend Florie and she impressed me with the balancing effects of creating a mandala. I have been so busy these past few weeks, both good and bad that I do need to get a better footing before going back into studio...I need to clear my head and heart and I think creating a mandala is a great idea. I plan on stopping at the party store and picking up cake rounds (cardboard) and having a go at it this weekend. I have a book "Creating Mandalas" but I think I'll just begin and see what happens, my goal is balance, centering, and seeing whatever else shows up!

Tomorrow is my last birthday celebration...a morning with friend Deena at the Sanderling's Cafe at the Seascape Resort. This place is a favorite of ours as it has mind bending ocean views, good food and all around welcoming spirit.
I have my new phone to figure out and my camera manual to read...presents to enjoy...this has been a great birthday along with all the good wishes from my dear blogger friends...thank you! Don't forget to VOTE!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Neptune's View

This one goes way back to the late 80's. The first time I remember combining my photos with my papers to create a scene or story. I took this photo of Neptune sculpture in Austria and placed him as the center view...I was trying to make art from vacation photo choices. It measures 5"x6", acrylic, photo, painted tissue paper and assorted colored papers.

Saturday Pablo and I put on a carport sale with 30 of our neighbors in our large complex. We hired a security man for traffic control and a few neighbors elected to hand out maps and direct for parking. Our clubhouse members dragged out the BBQ, bake sale items and drinks were available for a price. We had over twenty signs up, Craig's list and balloons. It was misty throughout the day but we got a good crowd...300 cars. OMG it was so much work to gather our crap, price it and bargain and then clean up! At the end of the day the Salvation Army truck came by and picked up what was left. We made about $200 ...the HARD WAY!! As for us...our last carport sale!

With a click here and a click there I have screwed up this computer...I have a call into computer guy. It never fails to happen and so I will be in limited circulation for a few days.
On a different note, today is my birthday! I am amazed and grateful I have had 66 years of through storms and calm but still grateful! Out to dinner tonight and a new camera too!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Found Legacy

These two pieces began as 'found pieces' giving the look of old and tattered and torn. My journal entry began as my first recall of autumn. Very sketchy images as in a dream...I do remember my father carrying me to a hospital doorway (3-4 years old) and seeing for the first time my 'other' grandmother. She didn't smile but I remember she had kind eyes and a glass with a straw and her bed was green metal. It was our only meeting from that words exchanged, within days I became her last granddaughter. Over the years I wondered many times what it would have been like to have known her. I have her chin, nose and eyes and when I was young and wild, I was told "I was just like my grandmother!' I was also told she owned a laundry in the early 1900's and did beautiful handwork and crochet.

The blue piece measures approx. 12"x12", cloth trim, photo of a paper mache' prayer bowl of mine, paper collage, cheese cloth and acrylic. The red/orange piece is 12"x12" and focuses on an old Norwegian design...I cut this design into a rubber stencil, cheese cloth, acrylic and I used a Vaseline resist for the gray acrylic.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Italian Connection!

One multi-colored silk scarf from a silk factory in the area of Lake Como, one muted purple scarf from Venice and black and purple polka dot trouser socks from Milan!
My friend, Deena just arrived home from a wonderful vacation in Italy. She hiked the Dolomite's, swam in the Adriatic Sea, visited Tuscany, Florence, Lake Como, Venice and Milan and still had time to buy gifts! She tells me everyone in Italy (both women and men) are wearing scarves. I'm unpacking and ironing my new and old scarves for my Italian connection!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Hanging Some StarsTonight"

What's on my walls? Another image from the archives of Blue Sky Dreaming. 61/2"x71/2" acrylic, silver, fabric and thread collage and graphite. The title is "Hanging Some Stars Tonight" a line from a Laurie Anderson song. I was seriously listening to her in the 90's and this particular song was about hanging stars of Marlyn Monroe, Kennedy and others of our time. As I had recently become a widow, I created this mixed media piece thinking of the deep meaning. I painted the silver ladder and because I am afraid of heights I attached silver ropes. Metaphorically I hung my husband's star and when I pass this little piece even to this day , I can't help but smile. For me, in this case, art heals and sweetens life.

I don't consider my self high maintenance but I barely manage two maybe three days a week in the studio and the rest of my days are spent on lifes little chores. This week, pedicure, hair cut, produce, groceries, car wash, lawyer appointment and ongoing exercise class...oh yes, laundry,. cooking, fun with Pablo, coffee dates and I'm retired! Not all the work flows...sometimes it takes days, weeks to connect with a piece and bring it to the real world. So because my ongoing work isn't ready, I will fill-in with my older work or hopefully something interesting. I like the blogging and staying connected so expect me here but just not always with new work!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Turning Now

20"x20" Rives BFK, acrylic, graphite, collage, stencil, molding paste. I began with pieces of construction plans that I've kept of a house I owned well over 15 years ago. I just like looking at all the lines, footage and notes...plans for a home...full of potential. As I added in collage and the border stencil I began writing to try to find the autumn connection. I wrote this:

Floor plans displaying the places to load in and shelve summer's carefree memories.
Gone now
Turning from warm sand and eye squinting sun
Foamy waves tickling toes and ankles
Gone now
Turning now to roof lines, windows and necessary built in spaces
Turning and stepping into cool mornings and shadowed yards
Turning now!

I fell in love with this green...not sure about autumn colors as here at the beach there are few reminders of autumn...except of course, the light has changed. My next two pieces are smaller and I'm adding more fabric collage and some lino prints. I like cutting shapes with my tools and rolling out ink...the comfort of old printmaking habits!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Good to be Home!

Actually I never left but I did enjoy expanding my play to the Willow Manor Ball What fun! Thank you Willow and thank you to everyone who read my post and to those who also left a made the fun all the sweeter!

Today I'm back in my own world looking at finishing the first in my series of five 'accepting autumn". A part of the 40 pieces but a strong focus on the many layers of the turning of nature and of the human heart. These five are drawing me to design, to textile, to weaving of stories in mixed media.
Have a great weekend and again ....What fun yesterday!