Saturday, June 17, 2017

Spring Sample

13"x18", assorted treated fabric, tea stained, flour paste, beads, embroidery and machine stitching.

When I'm between projects or otherwise locked into 'real life' I have a habit of stitching together blocks of scrap fabric and just stitch when time allows. It is a way of staying in the game, trying ideas out or repeating favorites. This has quite a mix and I edged it in a scrap of red and black stripes. Getting closer to stepping into the abyss...will keep you posted!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Blue Oasis

10"x12", magazine photos, tissue, embroidery, ornate trim. Used the magazine photo of Jerusalem as a base and then added cloth, tissue and embroidery. Fascinated with a strong blue on this one maybe because we are having such blue sky days here at the beach. Always like adding my stitches and now see the imagery looking more like an island floating in blue. I will never get to travel to Jerusalem so this will be my own private ancient city.
Spring is full of home repair and garden time is  lately rare. I'm thinking of sewing together some cloth as a base or backdrop and Just Stitching as a soft meditation, maybe a simple time of grace.