Sunday, August 31, 2008

Woman Wise Muse

1. In the center core of my body packed with the binding of my hips is the art of my life. The place of being rooted from beginning time. The place of my spirit...the match of the Universe the DNA that claims who I am and my artistic gifts, my purpose and my agreements. From this deep rich dark place art springs forward with blind passion towards the surface, towards the new old road....the familiar and surprising route of my spirit. Ready now to begin my integration into the mature work. What is different about this journey? It is no longer the youthful random exploration but growing up and the enjoyment of the learned art lessons.
2. How to integrate and combine the youthful artist to the mature soul? I'm outfitted for this journey not with fanciful flights and materials but rather with the gift of my river, my boat and my sturdy oars. I will row through troubled or confusing waters. Also joining me are the ranks of others gone before...other artists that have found their earned state of "nothing to prove". This is the journey of the seasoned artist, woman wise with skilled hands and eyes. No longer looking for signs but knowing them, recognizing curves and lines. The flow, the juice the vibration all still there but at the same time simplification, clear steps and knowing when and what needs to die. Letting it be dead and moving on.
The Vision
3. She stands by the river near the boat and oars. The moon is bright and the "others" echo best wishes. No longer the young fool's quest but the well earned woman wise indeed. She sets out on her soulful journey with a quiet smile of knowing resolve. The integration will be a welcomed connection and until that moment they ride side by side.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Take Me Home"

Yet another muse painted when I needed her most...she was lighting my way to a new home. I was a sudden widow and everyone advised me against making the move to Santa Cruz, CA. Family, friends and financial guys, who predicted I'd become a bag lady. I placed a map of the Monterey Bay on top of my blue earth as my target. My Viking muse stands firm holding her lantern. Her braid is made of collaged satin ribbons and her lantern.... a strawberry basket! The piece measures "24 x 28", acrylic. To make a long story short, I did sell everything, I did move alone and not knowing a single person and I did find a home perfect for me. Courage seems to be the gift or maybe the gift of standing firm.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Muse I Have Known

I have been creating my own brand of personal muse on and off for years. She always is outfitted with a helmet according to Norse mythology, sometimes wings and her age and gift is always different. They have been as an icon for me and although I have hung them in shows, I have never marketed them because of my personal attachment.
"The Necessity of Light" is my red haired girl with her pie tin helmet, she flies through the cosmos on her yellow wings. At the time I painted her I needed clarification and direction in my work and this image was helpful. I wrote in my journal from her perspective and gained a special and deeper insight. Even now years later her image makes me smile...Holding her little candle lantern giving her own light to an already large well lit Universe. The piece is on paper and measures 22"x36" acrylic with some collage.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Shared Birthday

A double birthday...a date I hold in my heart and as long as I can...I'll remember. She gave me dreaming, imagination, story and creative play...actually they both did, my mom and sister. So added to that mix my father's strong golden hands and I'm an artist...what a lovely legacy. Happy Birthday, in memory , mom and sister, Caroline.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time in Four Parts IV

This is my fourth in a series on time. I've been examining time in my art for years but officially this is my four. "Tower of Song" by L. Cohen rings for me on this piece. We have a clock tower downtown and everything important happens there...New Year's Eve, war protests...etc. I've enjoyed clocks on buildings even when they are running slow or fast or not at all. A reminder
of time to the community. All four pieces have an orange material collaged in each one...I made it by painting layers of acrylic on Plexiglas and then peeling it away. I have these pieces hung in a long row on a wall and see them as dark dreamlike thoughts of time (memory?).
On a personal note - I've been going to rehab and using the gym. I can't believe how sore I am from using the treadmill.
August is usually sunny but lately the fog burns off late and returns after just a few hours...drives the tourists crazy!
Tonight, is my Project Runway, I'll juggle it with the Olympics and then soon the political conventions. I remember playing outside in the evening on the lawn while my aunt and uncle were glued to the TV watching the long ago!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time in Four Parts III

Big fat clock, child's clock, I remember thinking summer vacation would last forever. Thoughts of not enough time, going to be late time, time flying, and my favorite...Right on time! Now as I'm older and I've lost so many, I see time as a gift. I make decisions now on what wastes my time. This is the third canvas in the Time in Four Parts...acrylic and collage measuring as the others 16"x16". I have a blue bar with red markings running through all way of marking time.

Starting new work. I've narrowed down subjects, materials and support. The coaching has been very helpful, I have a tendency to wander with my work so I do much better with a focus. To mark the beginning of new work I have been painting personal muses. I am no Frieda Kahlo and my muse (self portrait) reflects my less painful life as well as my humor. I'm attached to the lady Viking image! I have one (painted a couple of years ago) that has wings (helmet made from a pie tin) and is flying through the cosmos holding a lantern with a candle. She gives me a smile and I believe lights my way. I will try to post a photo..she measures 22"x 36". Todays muse is also a Viking gal and wearing 3-D glasses and braids... guiding myself through this maze called art.