Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting Lost!

Scraps cut out of a larger piece...stamped cloth, beaded and embroidery and machine stitching.

I could easily blame too much summer fun and too many days away from the work table for this fiasco. I'm not sure where I went wrong and if I can bring these fragments alive again. I made choices that resulted in problems that I corrected only to become a catastrophe and that led to desperate rescue attempts that became for me, a fit of frustration . From high levels of anxiety, I reached for the scissors and began cutting away and this is what I've salvaged. Now what? I'm going to the movies today (Blue Jasmine) to get away from myself and when I return I will look at this again. I do know I'm still interested in the series about ancient gardens so it must be a matter of next steps.

I remember  years ago sitting in a coffee house with my artist friend and mentor Josie  (an Abstract Expressionist who worked in a large format) and on occasion she would look at me with serious eyes and say "Mary Ann, I need a breakthrough" and I would nod and agree both heart and mind. My friend died several  years ago but I still hold to her advice and determination. I miss her and so fondly remember those coffee dates that could go from serious art talk to outrageous laughter! Oh well!

Tell me how you pick up from getting lost?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Leaves over Bone"

11"x12", painted cloth, painted paper, stamped cloth, machine stitching , embroidery and hand sewn bronze beads.
This piece is rather small and the center stamped rows are of a muddy leaf motif. The bronze beads scattered about are difficult to recognize. The title "Leaves over Bone" describes for me, the many layers of revealing what was before...sweeping away dust and seeds, uncovering, exposing gardens and patios only seen in dreams.

I don't know much but I do know my work is changing. I have clear preferences on materials...assorted cloth, mostly cotton mixed with papers and trim. As for techniques I have plenty to explore and right now machine and hand stitching have my focus (I'm afraid of by sewing machine instruction book?!) as well as the addition of beadwork. Sewing beads knots up my fingers and strains my eyes but I do love the end results of those shiny beautiful colored beads. Archeology (Middle Eastern) is a passion and lately the study of ancient gardens have been taking me to interesting sites. So the summer is rolling along. Here we have damp misty mornings and sunny afternoons with the fog rolling back in by evening.. Our new year begins in Sept and making art with cloth continues!