Saturday, September 19, 2015

Indigo continued...

Here is an assortment of second printing with indigo. This time using some papers, glue resist, stencil and overprinting and handmade stamps.
Now today brings me to my sewing machine. The glue resist will be perfect for sewing and later maybe hand stitching.
I've also posted three of my favorite studio books. 'Art Cloth' by Jane Dunnewold, 'Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth' by Rayna Gillman and 'The Found Object in Textile Art' by Cas Homes. These three books have been great companions for my fabric art. I'm good at finding my own narrative or direction of personal meaning but I've needed clear instructions on how to explore fabric mark making. I'm never feeling alone in the studio...a thumb through these books (like calling a friend on the phone) always gives me the needed information. Great books...thank you Cas, Jane and Rayna!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Going for Gold

My three choices for GOLD on the Roy G Biv day. I love working with leaf, gold paint, gold threads and even gold beads. For more gold finds check out Jennifer for names and sites. The first piece is mostly paint with some handmade stamps and the last two are fabric pieces. The second one is titled 'Ancient Gate' and is loaded with gold paint on fabric and papers. The last is 'Temple of Leaves' and is topped off with gold leaf. Enjoy the search!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Indigo Playtime

Assorted fabrics, cotton mostly and assorted sizes. I'm excited about this high quality indigo textile kit and spending the next days exploring what I can expect, what I like and in what ways I can surprise myself. Plenty of folding, rubber bands, wet then dry then ironing. I may only use a few but having a large amount of fabrics to choose from is enticing. I plan on using a glue resist next, more print fabrics and the usual stamping, stencil efforts.
Beginning the blessings of autumn and all that that might mean...looking back, looking forward and generally coming to terms with 'Now'. I am picking up a honey cake from the bakery tomorrow so we will share in the sweetness of our lives...! Welcome to a new season!

Friday, September 4, 2015

"Flight Home"

7"x9" cotton fabric, machine stitching, crystal beads, plaster of paris, glass fragments, silver string, painted feathers. Flight Home was not without its trials. I broke two pieces of the plaster and spilled glaze all over the fabric losing the lavender stitching. One result leads to another and if I keep my disappointment and judgement out of the way...I finally arrive where I need to be. Feathers were from those craft colorful feathers and I acrylic sprayed them this ochre shade. It took days to come to terms with this piece but now I smile.
High Holidays are fast approaching and time to look back and forward (old and new year). Our last neighborhood pool party this Monday. Planning on some indigo kit exploration...its all good this Autumn Bliss!