Friday, December 26, 2014

"Glistening Thread"

12"x18", mottled painted stamped cotton, oil treated paper ... momigami, stenciled fabric, machine and hand stitching, hanging glass beads, digital photo of Dead Sea scroll .."Jeremiah"..on organza and screen printed Hebrew alphabet letter ...Aleph.
I wrote about my new direction on Dec.9th posting and here is my first effort in my story of the scribe and ancient holy writings. All of us artists accept the precepts of art making ...structure, unity and consistency and for me,  at this time, I need "story" to fully feel I've taken the piece to its completed form. Always surprised at what I 'think' the journey will be like and what actually shows up ...the mystery of my own artist life.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Most Loved

My participation in the Roy G Biv search has come full circle. Its been fun and I've met some new artists and connected to new sites! This month is free color choice and I decided to post some of my  favorites.  I thought I might see a trend or color connection but so far its just a mixture of random favorites. The first piece (from top to bottom) is a mixed media work on paper and the second one as well ... both are from my series on the planets. The third is fabric and I love the layers as well as stitching on the machine and adding beads. The fourth was one of the first fabric pieces I put together and really showed me my direction in creating my own artifacts, my ancient stories.This last piece is just a portion of new work and honestly I always love the one I'm with ...was that a song? Truly my attention is on the work at hand and I live with all the potential. Sometimes I'm disappointed but its the joy of creating isn't it? Check out Jennifer Coyne Qudeen for more links to more artists posting more for the last of Roy G Biv for 2014!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Color Choices

This photo is of three piles of assorted fabrics, papers and trims ..3 palettes you might say of next images. I'm starting a new exploration and my inspiration is about ancient scribes, the remnants of the beautiful illuminations of sacred text. Pieces ravaged by time, secured in sealed jars, left to sand burials and thoughtless looters. I'm excited about putting together fabrics, sewing, beading and various images to produce my take on such magical texts. As usual it begins for me, reading my archeology magazine, visiting museum sites and reading books off my shelf that speak of ancient wisdom. At this point I'm filled with butterflies and some doubts because starting a new journey has so many unknown factors ... one step at a time ... !