Friday, February 28, 2014

Ancient Circles

15"x15", all cotton fabric, machine stitching and embroidery, flour paste resist, 4 collaged metal rings.

As the ancient story goes:  Honi the circle drawer drew circles in the sand and then when standing within the circle:  higher worlds would enter, a receiving of a holy presence. When the weather warms a little I plan on taking a stick and going to the beach. After I draw my circle I will stand in the center and I'm sure I will feel the profound space. Of course, I believe that space is everywhere but it will be special to follow the ancient story.
These center cloth circles were created using the flour paste resist method and it was an effort that takes hours of drying time and even after applying the fabric paint ... more drying time. After drying time comes the messy job of rinsing off the flour paste so it is with great anticipation to see the finished results. I so love these circles that I left them alone, I didn't add beads but rather stitched around them.

Onto another project of ancient entrances, doorways and thresholds but first the necessary studio clean up! So far this year has been rich with three new pieces in this series as well as the fun of participating in the search for Roy G Biv!! I'll post Y on March 20th!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Name this Plant

Several years ago I was at one of those wonderful summer outdoor dining patios and was struck by the beautiful potted plants. I couldn't resist and took a small clipping of these green peas and popped it into my pocket. At home, I started it in a small clay pot and after several years, plenty of neglect, re-plantings and mostly sun this little plant thrived. It likes to hang over the side in wonderful strings of green pearls. I love it but I don't know anything about it, not even its name! So if you've had this beauty in your life and can tell me a little about it ...well, it would be fun to know more!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

O is for Orange

O is for Orange on today's "Roy G Biv" Day!  8"x8" canvas, fabric, netting, stones stitched onto silver square, bottom section marks with oil pastel. First posted in 2008.

"Baptism of Dreams"  and "Faith, Being and Necessity" are two monotypes from waaay back. Both have sold. I think they were more orangey red! Next month will be the letter Y - yellow and for exact dates check blog Jennifer Coyne Qudeen

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Portal in Citrine"

22"x15", cotton, satin, metallic paper, embroidery, machine stitching, stamped cloth and flour paste resist.

This art cloth is large for me and I trimmed it with an edging from a cut up scarf. I used  some studio finds such as metallic paper ( it was rolled up in a corner) and the black mottled cloth that had been a fragment of a printmaking rag can be found anywhere! Mixing the color citrine and using it to dye or color different fabrics was a fun challenge.
This art making journey I'm on is of ancient lessons and stories, about entering gates, portals and thresholds ... places of wisdom and discovery. I'm finding the study very inspirational and full of imagery.This particular gate concerns mystery, the idea there are mysteries and some are unknowable ... the mystery is that there are mysteries.