Monday, April 27, 2015

Word Play

I'm between series and willing to play and explore. In my journal I have pages of little three, four word lines...could be titles, could expand into a poem or could inspire a cloth adventure. Here are a few: roses of return....following of mist....between stars and stones smooth embrace. I've gathered some pieces of cloth from my leftovers box and with a little this and that and thread and beads...playtime for sure. I'm willing to make a few and see where they take me...maybe a new series?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dreaming in Green

I'm posting this on the fly...I forgot about this being the third Thursday, Roy G Biv Day and today being GREEN. First cloth piece "Circle of Return" second one is a mixed media "Marking Time" and the third is fabric "Portal in Citrine".  For more green click on Julie B Booth!

Also take a ride over to The Altered Page for a series of photos (My bedroom wall is there!) about artist's living with art!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beloved Silence

12"x15", embroidery, gold beads, machine stitching, painted muslin, digital writing and images on suede and muslin.Painted trim and rust stained string.
This is the last of the "Ancient Scribe Series". The letter ayin ...this letter is said not to speak but only to see. Beautiful prayers begin with this letter and we all know the power and beauty of silence. It's been seven in all for this series and challenging for sure what with using a letter as part of the piece. I'm glad I did it...I'm richer for having had the experience. I'll frame and show a select few later in the summer. Now I need to ask myself what might be next? I'm still loving cloth and stitching and beads but I think what I need right now is to experiment and play. I have a list in my journal of titles that can easily lead me if I need inspiration. I also will continue to write each morning in my journal.Oh, yes, first I'll clean the studio!!

Spring is calling me for yard clean up and new color plantings. I need to repaint the kitchen and household repairs are all listed and available for the handyman. Beautiful time of year!