Friday, February 26, 2010

Heading towards the Finishing Line

Third photo of this "conversation' piece and I think I'll be finishing in the next approach. Each time one begins to work...all new challenges present themselves so I'm all talk...we shall see. When I am done, I hope to put these efforts together in a photo mosaic for display on the blog. Still working on 'Wings' series and will be ready to share a small peek...a photo of progress or's at a do or die place. ha

I promised to reveal 7 things about myself but this is about my third set of 7 reveals so I'm digging deep into my unusual claims to fame and or secrets or just more of me and my life. I think I'll need to decline awards as I am out of 'stuff' about me or at least 'stuff' I can print!

In no particular order: 1. In 2000 was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and surgery and radiation were required...I still keep a close watch. 2. At 58 I had a 'little work done'....lazer surgery and it refreshed my skin nicely....terrible burn recovery though. 3.I have forgotten how to swim so I float up at the pool using my reliable 'noodle'. 4.Lived in LA and husband worked in Beverly Hills...we met a ton of stars...even Lassie and The Lone Ranger! ha 5. For a short time served on a board of a woman's gallery in Sacramento, CA. 6. Lived in a Victorian House on a waterway with a small dock...enjoyed nature's critters. 7. Created an installation in a art gallery called 'Goddess Room???'

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Subtle Changes

Art making is going rather slowly this week. 8"x8" acrylic, collage, ink on yupo. I've been adding layers of thinned down glazes and waiting for each layer to dry. I've recently been inspired by reacquainting myself with a loved favorite, artist Hannelore Baron....(thanks to a recent layers post by Donna) I've decided to cut 9 more yupo papers into 8" squares using limited materials and explore very simple collage and abstract forms to express personal in an image journal. I have a love for secrets, code and archaeological digs so these little collages will be a fun way to explore... does that make sense?

Wonderful News! Roxanne of River Garden Studio has just published a lovely book "Song of the River". Drop over and see a great preview and an opportunity for a GIVEAWAY!

Two Ghosts
, Lyn has awarded me an award "Beautiful Blogger" and I accept with gusto! According to the terms and agreements, I need to pass this award on and make a list of seven things you might not know about me?! While I'm doing that (could take me awhile) drop by and visit Lyn....she has posted her latest writing from the Tuesday writing prompts of Magpie Tales

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yupo: My new playmate!

I've been intrigued by artists talking about Yupo...Artit and Colormusing are two I can remember. I bought this Yupo tablet- 10 sheets 11x14...100% polypropylene? suitable for all watercolor techniques. This piece is the beginning of my exploration..I cut it to 8"x8",cheesecloth collage and acrylic glaze and red ink...I plan on adding crayons and more inks and more acrylic. I like a new material...expand my universe!

Valentine Update: I bought Pablo two paperback books pertaining to his writing project and he bought me : "Rethinking Acrylic". It has great information on uses of Golden gels and pastes. It shows artists using these products in new and interesting ways...I'm delighted. We had planned on going to the movies but the sun came out and warmed up close to 70' so we ran over to the beach and had a great time. The waves were high and fun to watch, we also people watched, a shirtless guy was on the sand playing his drums, we read our books, napped and by sunset, packed it up and came home....perfect afternoon!

Yesterday I spent $135 to buy myself back to health on this computer....I was attacked by a virus that absolutely took over....offering me a fix for only $ 49.95...the trick is they take the money and leave you with the remains of your computer. I didn't click but they had already created chaos. Our computer guy is terrific and managed a clean bill of health in an hour and half!

I've begun my last of the three "Wings" soft pastel works. This one is beginning with reds, blacks, browns and white....challenge! Photos soon!

Friday, February 12, 2010

As Soft As Colored Snow

'Grace' 38"x38" paper, soft pastel, acrylic, cloth collage, photo and magazine collage. I struggled with this composition and color markings. ..made some changes and additions. Old rule- 'never paint an arrow leading out of the picture frame'...well, I have 9 so maybe with so many the rule is cancelled? ha I did need to stop several times and review what Grace meant to me...journal writing produced this short piece :

In dark hours
Moving by me, a strange ticking
Of a heavenly clock
Grace was given to my perfect soul
With a nod from these wings
Softly soaring.

Finally I have reached a place to stop and be done for now.

I'm excited about the opening ceremonies tonight at the Olympics. I've been promised they won't be an over the top show but rather smaller more creative and emotional. I will turn my mute button on so I won't be distracted by sports announcers interpreting the event. Should be wonderful!

Happy Valentine's Day...I know, I know it's become a Hallmark holiday but it does give some an excuse or opportunity for expressing affection. Pablo and I are taking each other to the book store and treating one another to a book of our choice. A movie is in the mix and so far we have whittled it down to four.... negotiations continue.

Monday, February 8, 2010

You Can Use My Soft Words...

From Deena – invited by Mary Ann to post!

Well, I’m smack dab in the middle of a series of 6 (12x12) mixed media pieces that are each inspired by a poem or song lyrics. These aren’t just any words. Oh no. These words demanded to jump into my paint and onto my sponges, move me to tears, open and humble me, and resonate deep. I challenged myself to put words into every piece, which triggered all my fears of looking "crafty". So I have been playing around with inkjet transfers, scratching, scribbling and stencils.

The piece here includes layers with stencils, acrylic paint and molding paste, sanding, and hand writing. The techniques I used in the “pillows” on top started out as a monoprint (gold), an inkjet photo printed (flowers), then ripped/sewn and put on metal mesh.

This first finished piece of the series, entitled “A Cushion for Your Head”, was inspired by a poem from the great Persian and Sufi poet Shams-ud-din Muhammad Hafiz (c. 1320-1389). This poem reminds me of that feeling of falling into the softest place – cushioning me from anything hard, rough or tough – when I just need the warmth and comfort of huge down pillows, fuzzy blankets and cushy comforter. No hard surfaces here – just curling up into the gentle softness of being totally taken care of. Where have you found softness lately? Where did you find a “pillow”? Here is the poem…happy creating…wishing you soft places of comfort when needed…

A Cushion for Your Head

Just sit there right now

Don’t do a thing

Just rest.

For your separation from

From Love

Is the hardest work

In this


Let me bring you trays of food

And something

That you like to


You can use my soft words

As a cushion

For your


- Hafiz

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's on Deena's Walls?

24"x24", canvas, acrylic, mixed media by Deena. The first on the left is titled "Exploring Mystery" the white one is "What is Hidden" and the third is "Finding Me". I'm not sure of all the materials but I do know Deena is an expert at photo transfers so if you have any questions please ask. I am asking Deena if she might host this blog in the next couple of days so be on the watch and give her a bloggy good welcome!

We met well over 10 years ago in a Julia Cameron "Vein of Gold" study group. There were six of us and the leader. After this course, five of us decided to carry on as an art support group. We met regularly for years and sometimes studied a book, sometimes just shared and supported one another...there was wine, laughter and tears too. Two members moved away and one member, our dear Annie past away and then there were the two of us. We have carried on and what can I is a deep abiding friendship that far outreaches art making and yet has also stayed on track, supportive with art play. I am 15 years older than Deena and we have very different lifestyles but again....the friendship continues...we will be friends forever.

ADDED NOTE: If you are interested, Deena has left a comment stating all the materials used in these beautiful pieces. Check it out. I have asked and she said yes, and will post this weekend as a special treat!
EXPLANATION: In the loss of our Annie, came the sweet addition of knowing her daughter Patrice. Patrice( also an artist) and I had an art show together with a blow out music, catered with amazing food and drink, flowers and a 6foot banner outside the gallery of our happy faces announcing the show!!! We spilled out into the street and I believe in some circles they are still talking about that night! Patrice has a blog and has also left a comment! AND Annie's sister Pat (also an artist) regularly leaves a comment so watch for her as well!