Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Migration/Talisman 6

The discs measure approx 2 1/2" and the talismans approx. 3 1/2" in length. air drying clay, acrylic, wire, beads and tissue paper collage. Silver, gold and copper leaf.

This makes a total of eight and I believe will be the end of these migration discs...also the end of the bag of clay! I plan on framing them together in a boxed type frame...worthy  of an artifact! Great fun and challenge working with clay and outside of my comfort zone. This art making reminded me of one of my 'family stories':

The story begins with me (very young) taking a field trip with my Bluebird troop to a local cannery.  Soon after I donned my grandmothers hairnet and set up my very own cannery in the driveway. I used my mothers canning jars and included water and added a mixture of ALL her flowers...fuchsia and azaleas etc...I placed these jars on the fence in a row so the sun would heat these concoctions and I believe I was rather pleased with myself until my mother went into a minor shock! This is one of the stories that seemed to prove I was a bit of a puzzle and here I am full circle 100 + years later creating these artifacts of migration discs that only exist in my imagination. Making these has given me profound joy and with my writing...personal insights.

What is next? I always check my list of pulls and that gives me direction. Right now I have two books on my work table: "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan and "Our Universe" by Roy A. Gallant. I have been regularly saving articles reporting on discoveries of new planets and I am on a waiting list for a book on Myths of the Universe at the library. I've explored this before...planets, stars, moons and now I feel ready to take another look at this Universe and going to the edge of the Milky Way to see some of these "new" planets. I have posted a bit of writing from my last exploration several years ago and I will continue to fill my journal and paint from science and my imagination...my own brand of Raggedy Ann Imagination?!

Loving planets and stars. Sighting the loyal rainbow ringed Neptune and old Pluto so easily forgotten.
Remembering and loving the brave walks on the hills of Jupiter's north side and consciously
Adoring Venus lower regions as much or more than the upper levels and secret locations on
Always shy, wary of the Dog Star, turning left at the Y, floating, descending in the clear frost
Of the Milky Way.
I've been space traveling before seasons of written time.
Once riding the arrow of the Huntress and resting under the Scorpion's tail. Now in beginning
Recall, telling my stories in recorded messages and familiar pictographs of the years of loving and
Living among the planets and stars.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Migration discs 2

Air  drying clay, silver leaf, fabric, yarn, glass and charm with acrylic glaze. Approx. 3" diameter and 21/2" diameter.

Completed these two migration discs and working on a few more. Love the idea of the mystery of discovery as in an archaeological find. A homing device of sorts, simple markings, clarifying in code the dream like pull of migration.

We are having warm Autumn days and cool nights and even some of our leaves are turning yellow.It's getting dark earlier and the pumpkins are out on porches.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Delivery to Willow Manor

Willow Manor Ball is the best event in all of cyberspace! Do drop in at Life at Willow Manor on the 12th.!
I am unable to attend this fabulous event due to a crowded calendar (??) so I began searching for a spectacular "Regrets" gift.
I was nearly faint from exhaustion but decided on an enormous selection of Italian sponge cakes for Tess's dessert table! There are wonderful web design and events sites one of which is Weddings Under the Tuscan Sun.
The drivers I've hired are already on the road as it is a 37 hour trip from here. I have given clear instructions: US-33 East, turning right on Mill Ln just past Franklin St. Advising them to look for "Jen's Ice Cream Kitchen" on the corner. At this point I would expect the traffic to be bumper to bumper with other delivery trucks and I'm sure local police will be directing traffic to the Willow Manor. Sure hope the dessert table is a big virtual hit!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

4 instead of 3!

Couldn't help myself...I picked four names instead of three for this postcard send-a-way. The names are as follows:Ghislaine BRUNO of Papiers Nomades...JoMurray of JoMurray-Art.....Kirsten
Soeballe of Kunstner Vaerket ***....Leslie Avon Miller of textures shapes and color!!!!!Send me your mailing address and I'll send the postcards off Monday! This is a first for me and once again isn't Blogland a great place? These postcards will be sent far off...truly global