Friday, January 30, 2009

A Quick Look Back

I thought I'd post one of the whole pieces from one of the last posting examples to show the other ways I combined cloth, papers, wire, stones and gold leafing. I placed them tightly together for the photo but they can be hung a variety of ways. Each canvas measures 4"x4". "Gold 9"
The new work will have some of the same materials and an addition of new things such as photo transfers and a few surprises. For the first time I am going to first work out some details in my sketchbook...I usually just begin and let what happens happen but this time I want to experiment and make a beginning plan. I know the materials, I know the theme or journey so the sketchbook will help me clarify.
Cynthia over at Oasis Writing Link has given me a great award and I will post all the details this weekend...again, thank you, Cynthia!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Gathering We Will Go

These two small canvas pieces are from two separate works on my flickr photo stream. They are examples of my collage/paint process I created last year. I put together several layers of material, papers and created circles ....denoting divine circles within. I added paint, silver and gold leafing, wire and stones. Now I'm captivated by squares and all the symbols connected to the square. I don't want to repeat my process from before but am willing to combine fabrics and things in a new and different way and let the squares find a way to "fit" with canvas, paper and paint. I like this gathering business...I was at the fabric store buying bits and pieces of fabric, trims and I'll take my search to my grandmother's trim box and then maybe a trip to the thrift store. This is a time of little discoveries, anticipation, hope and mystery...I like this!
My sewing skills are pretty basic...cushions, pillows, curtains and quilts. Once I took a class in clothing construction at an adult education center in Los Angeles. The teacher had worked in the film industry and she was very helpful in teaching how to sew and fit properly...that was 100 years ago and I've forgotten everything so again my sewing skills are basic. I have my new machine threaded and I feel confident for now.I will slowly add stitches but what matters is I can work the darn thing!ha
click to enlarge for some details.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Remains of the Day

That's right, this is what remains today from several days and weeks in the studio. The red and gold pieces were about angels, the textured pieces are what is left of two other ancient waters. The blue fish from a series of prints and stamps along with maps and a great big moon hand sewn to several layers of painted paper. I've done this many times with works on paper but foam core is hard to cut and thick for collage. The level of emotional relief is wonderful, I was at a dead end and now these little sections have been saved...recycle...who knows?
My new sewing machine has arrived and after I post this I'm going to unpack it and glance over the instruction booklet. It has 60 stitch choices, made with plastic parts, lightweight and electronic and I could afford it.
I've been drawn to squares, squares of all sizes, squares within squares. I looked up squares in my symbol dictionary and it said: the square is related to the four Elements, the four seasons, the four stages of Man's life and especially the four points of the compass...all sources of order and stability of this world. It gave many more details of the square and it's symbolic meaning so I have a lovely base to build on with my other chosen subjects of mapping and restoration. I'm full of new promise and am interested in sewing these squares as part of my mixed media painting!
Speaking of paintings, I have sold my small" Ancient Waters 2" that I featured in the previous post! It doesn't happen often for me but it is so sweet when it does happen.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ancient Waters 2

This piece is 10"x10", foam core, acrylic, joint compound, cardboard and cheesecloth. I like this piece and feel it speaks to me of the ancient ritual baths. click to enlarge! I have two others that are slow going and I may need to put them aside. I am getting a little crazy and feel like I'm walking into it might be time to begin with a fresh vision and return to them at a later time.
I ordered a new sewing machine and I'm anxiously waiting for it's arrival. I bought it on Amazon so we shall see. My old machine gave me fits with the bobbin, broken threads, tension problems...this new one has automatic features so it should be a dream. In my flickr photostream you might notice the sewing fabrics together in some of my circles and squares. Love the layer thing!This time I hope to add photograph transfers onto fabric. Also bought a bleach pen? Could be fun!
Well all that sunny beach weather is gone for now...back to overcast, rain and cold. Actually, I like the mist and fog and some rain.
I met Annie way back in the 90's along with five other women. We were in a Julia Cameron study group..."Vein of Gold". Annie and I became instant friends and she introduced me to her wonderful daughter Patrice of Makingpeace. Patrice and I had a couple of shows at a local gallery but that's another story. I also met Annie's sister Pat and now Pat has begun her blog called LaLa in LA When you have the time, please drop by for a visit. I believe she will be previewing her purse making. ..enjoy!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sea and Sand

A true cure-all for me. I took this photo in late afternoon yesterday. The temperature was low 70's...crazy, I know but it felt so good to smell the fresh ocean air and feel the warm sun on my back as I stood there watching the sailboats turn into our little harbor before the sun set. Most people were packing up with the children still running on the wet sand.
I'm excited about tomorrow. I've promised Pablo waffles, fruit and yogurt...we will be up watching the inaugural at 8a.m.! Years ago I lost heart about politics with the death of Bobby Kennedy. I continued to vote and have strong opinions but felt my generation lost out on fulfilling the dreams we began. For me, Obama is the one. His inauguration begins a time not just of fulfilling my generation's dreams but of creating the unity so needed for all of us. My heart is back in to quote Willow's word...ebullient....I'M EBULLIENT!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Living with Dragons

A gift from someone very dear to me..Jill, a friend. She and her mom, Josie and I would occasionally travel to Carmel Valley and Big Sur to spend time letting these phenomenal areas speak to our lives, refuel and regenerate.We, of course, had a fair amount of laughter, good food and conversations but it was the sights that each of us returned to and so loved. Jill sent me this dragon hand puppet for many reasons but especially because of the wonderful fun and sheer artistry. She has an outrageous generous spirit and I'm the better for having her in my life! The dragon sits on this shelf above my computer desk and greets me day and night with his benevolent smile and glassy eyes. Down by his tail sits my prayer bowl. I made it of paper mache' attached to an assortment of bracelets and old coaster, wire and collage. Inside, I place written payers folded and hopefully released to the Universe. I like surrounding myself with my keepsakes, it gives me strength and sometimes just a smile.

I'm having a long and trying time in the studio....I'm off , tilted , upside down and I'm needing to right myself. I could take a break...the sun is shining! I could go to the movies..."Last Chance...Harvey" looks like easy going diversion but no, I'm a stubborn type and I'm going back into the studio to find out when the fun stopped and regroup and regain my higher spirits back, then I'll go to the movies later today. Have a fun weekend.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Interview with Rosie!

Rosie of Rambling Rose is an interview not to be missed. Her answers to my five questions are worthy of a reading and a rereading and a click to enlarge her art floor piece will bring stunning results!
She says it best 'my art is integral to my life'! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Blue Sky Interview!

Here is a link to my first interview: Suki at "paint, poems and ponderings". I thought being interviewed was fun but sending out questions and seeing the interview complete and in print has been a total kick! Suki is an open, intelligent, artistic soul and her answers are interesting as well as informative. Pay her a visit and get to know her. She will be interviewing several bloggers so this wonderful process continues!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's On the Easel?

Mixed media piece, measures 16"x16",acrylic, pencil, crayons, old blueprint, photo collage. I would call this piece unfinished but I'm not sure what it needs next so I'll wait and watch.
I visited with my friend Deena today. We came up with our "word" for the year. A word that would epitomize our hopes and expectations for the year. My choice for me was "revival". I have created a symbol for this word and intend on signing it in my daily journal and art pieces as a reminder, this is my year of "revival". The dictionary stated: revival: being revived, reawakening of religious fervor, renewal, restoration, comeback, rebirth, resurgence. So 2009 for me, will be a year of revival! I truly don't know what that will include but I feel focused and directed so we shall see!
Today was sunny and rather warm. The roads were crowded with walkers, runners, bikers in all manner of dress, all ranges of ages, moms with strollers, dogs with owners, teenagers on skateboards...a real lively circus atmosphere. I had to drive slowly because the bike lanes were overflowing! Everyone felt like I did...wanting to take in this warm sunshine.
The interview by Willow was a great experience. I have enjoyed her links to all the others that also participated. I have received more visitors to this site and have so enjoyed their take on my interview. Thank you Willow. I have sent my five questions to two interested bloggers and when they post their answers, I will supply a link. Again, great fun!
note: this one enlarges with a click!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blue Sky Unmasked

This is so exciting for me! I am going to be interviewed by my favorite, Willow of Life at Willow Manor. I will answer her five questions and then I will invite you, my blog friends, to be interviewed as well. The instructions are at the end of this post.
1. What one thing most fuels your creativity?
If it were just one thing then I might then turn it on or off but it's everything in my all seams to ignite my creativity. My imagination, the natural world, ancient history, my dreams, my spiritual inquiries ,all speak to me and urge me to self expression.
2. How long have you been painting and what spurred you to start?
I began in kindergarten at the easel with poster paints. As an adult I would take art classes, craft classes and later college courses and workshops. I studied other artists and I painted. My family spurred me on, as my father was an artisan, my mother and sister taught me how to use my dreams and imagination. All my life my mother insisted on dream recall and discussion. My sister had a childhood game of imagining whole lives in our minds, sitting very still and living in another realm. My first husband encouraged me to rent studio space and in the 80"s take my art to the next level. I've always had friends and support groups for encouragement.
3. How did you and Pablo meet?
My name on Yahoo personals was "leap o faith". Yes, Pablo and I met on the Internet. We began as strangers meeting for coffee at a coffeehouse in Santa Cruz and after two hours talking , we moved on to dinner. We met in Jan and we began living together in June. I had been a widow from a 26 year marriage and he ended a 34 year marriage...we were looking for our last best love. I will get his permission to post his poem about our first meeting.
4. If you could chose just one historical figure to have dinner with, who would it be and why?
Wouldn't it be great to ride in a wealthy caravan on the Silk Road?! A caravan with Marco Polo! I would like to step into that time, walk and ride with the pampered women, wearing silk and gold. The music, colors of the tents, fire torches, wine...I would eat the delicious food, listen to the stories, I would see first hand the craftsmanship of the time and be there to witness the great religions being born.
5. What do you consider your greatest extravagance?
I have lived a gifted life, receiving gifts of rings, stayed in a castle in Austria, ate wild extravagant dinners in both New York and LA but they were gifts, extravagant but gifts. My greatest extravagant gift to myself was to buy for cash a small home here in Santa Cruz...all mine! On a lighter note, I bathe everyday only with Vita Bath for the past 30 years. It is a European shower gel $100 for 128 oz. and it feels wonderful everyday!
If you would like to be interviewed by me, leave me a note in the comment section. Give me a day or two to send you 5 questions. Read below!
Here's the instructions:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me".
2.I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
art work is a mixed media collage inspired from a vivid dream.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

'Sharing Your Coffee/Tea Cup'

Jeane of Artit suggested we all share a photo of our coffee/tea cup here in blog land. This mug is my morning favorite from our everyday wedding china. (two years and we haven't chipped a plate or mug yet!) Although we have lost a knife and dropped a spoon down the disposal. I drink black tea and add milk if drinking Irish or English Breakfast tea, lemon if my throat feels scratchy.. Once, at a local teahouse, I drank a white tea and it was lovely. So this is it, consider posting your favorite coffee/ tea cup!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The beauty of Black Gesso!

I've been getting ready for new gesso in this case. I coat both sides of this foam core and sometimes more. I actually did this a few days ago and I've been in the studio working on the small ones. 10"x10". Just puttering around, using my square punch, gluing stuff and generally stirring the soup! So far nothing but I'm not always the best judge so I'll keep working and put things aside until I can look at them with open eyes and heart. I will also be getting out my sewing machine, as I'm feeling a desire for sewing squares.

Yesterday, Pablo and I went to the last holiday event...his cousin's home for brunch. They live in a beautiful home outside of San Francisco and all the cousins, 1st, 2ND and 3rd talked and caught up on each other's lives...great food, eggs, bagels and wonderful bakery type sweets with champagne and orange juice...whew!! It was a long ride home and Pablo has caught cold, he is sleeping in... the day is cold and wet, not raining just very wet and drippy. Two things I want to do this week, a good movie?? and a trip to Michal's craft and art supply to blow my gift card!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Marcy Model #PL-43211

This little exercise beauty sits in my extra attached room, we call the room the cabana and use it for summer dinners, storage, encaustic studio and for the past three months, exercise room. She is a beauty, good comfy seat, a battery display of time, speed, distance and calories! Picked her up(the name really is Marcy) at a big exercise store and they put her together and delivered so she has been good to go!

Suki completed this tag and offered it to any one interested. "It is to list 5 things I do daily to keep my spirit happy and healthy"
1. I pray/meditate every day, mostly in the evening. I would add journaling as a spiritual way for me.

2. Hot tea and blogging every morning...good for me, learning, smiling, caring and connecting to other creative people.

3.Marcy, I take her for a spin each morning, I've worked up to over 20 min. and just under 5 miles. I play classical music , sometimes ride with my eyes closed , sometimes open, sometimes imagine myself biking down familiar roads.

4. Kiss, hug, affection that romantic stuff with Pablo! We are grateful to have one another and find it easy to be close. The laughing is a great spiritual benefit and I've heard good for one's health too!

5.Make-up, I have pale skin, light eyes and light's scary! I need a quick basic blush, shadow ,liner and lipstick....and then the day begins! When I am done I give myself a smile...all is well in the world or at least I'm now ready to face the world!

That's my five, so if anyone wants to take this subject on please do so. I have been working in the studio on my new work and have had a few false starts so this was a nice break. I've been wondering lately if I'm really an organized person (never saw myself that way) but now rather see myself as very disciplined. So I'll just keep going back into the studio until I can let my old ways die and allow new ways of art making show up....that's the journey.