Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hands of Heaven

There is an old joke that goes: "If you want to make G-d laugh, tell him (her) your plans.! This gate expresses to me a heavenly order, a planned way. Looking back, I could never have planned this life of mine and circumstances I would live. It's been an amazing journey.
This photo of my little clay pot was sitting on my deck and kept catching my eye lately. I've had it for a long time but I don't recall buying it or who gifted it to me. I gave into the pull and photographed all four sides ... made adjustments and realized the shapes had become (for me)heavenly planners and the main theme of this gate!
13"x15", cotton, stamped, linen, lace trim, crochet edge and digital print on organza. Machine and hand stitching.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Y for Yellow

As the search continues for Roy G Biv ... today is YELLOW! This first piece "Love Code 44" is mostly paper and some hand stitching. It was created a couple years ago and is from my 'code series'. The mixtures of yellow with orange, pinks and reds gives it a startling look ... one almost squints at first glance.

"Simple Blessings is an almost all fabric piece and it is one of three in a 'sacred cloth' series. I used digital prints on silk and added copper leaf to the small tabs on top. The two panels on either side are made of paper napkins softened to cloth using olive oil in the momigami method and then rows of machine stitching was added on top.
 I'll enjoy today traveling about seeing yellow everywhere!