Monday, June 22, 2015

Sample Amulet 2

Sample amulet, small 5"x51/2", painted cloth, painted paper, assorted beads, stamped, stenciled, machine and hand stitched.
Exploring new directions following my list of six suggestions (Facebook June 4th) and along the way I believe I have found a creative expression in making amulets. In the ancient world there was a thin line between magic and medicine and calling on a "scorpion charmer" was common. This charmer would among other duties, create amulets for a patient for protection?! Ideas are developing but my best way is to plunge in and try this or that...this piece went several directions and I stopped at this point. I had fun stitching beads 'using up' small amounts of leftover glass and plastic beads.


  1. Beautiful piece. Your larger works all resemble amulets as well. You have a wonderful sense of composition.

    1. Thank you for these encouraging remarks...I work alone and it feels great to hear another voice. I'm just about finished with my exploring samples and I have been leaning on the amulet making ... this was so timely...!