Monday, September 26, 2016

Dead Ends

Bits of cloth, rusted washers, stencils, stamped, rubber banded, long dips in black tea.
I've been exploring with hand made stencils and silk screen but with little satisfying results. This layout is drying and is a mixture of failed pieces dipped in a strong black tea. I like the results and think maybe I might have something to begin when I return to the studio. Today is the second day of our Indian Summer heat wave and I've planted myself in front of the fan but when I return, I will give these fabrics a try combining desert stories with my own desert dreams.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Blest Water

9"x11", bits and pieces of printed, dyed, bleached, stamped cloth. machine and hand stitching, digital print on organza.
This is about my fourth desert ritual bath (Hebrew- mikvah) and each one has been important to me in beginning new work. I was waiting on some rusting cloth and began this piece by combining and stitching small pieces of scraps found at the bottom of my cloth bundles. Couldn't help leading into squares, rectangles and imagery that resembles a desert rock setting. I added embroidery and colored organza and finishing with digital columns on a found ornate wall piece.
I love this time of year as it is so rich for me in memories of birthdays, holidays and acceptance of the beautiful fall season. Water is the true washing away and beginning again.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ancient Water Garden

14"x17", solar and palm trees, embroidery, machine stitching, beads on assorted cotton and one paper stencil, hand stamped fish and gold design.

I was inspired by an ancient artifact depicting Egyptians tending a garden with a pond filled with fish and water fowl. From that inspiration to here was a long and rather primitive journey in imagery and colors. This is the last of my ancient garden series for now. I completed 6 and feel I've really had a chance to explore this solar print process.  August has been beach morning overcast and afternoon hazy sun...not ideal. I'm not sure what is next but I'm in the studio most days...keep you posted!