Monday, January 19, 2015

My Forever

11"x16", rust resist cloth, freezer paper screen print, painted & stamped cloth and paper, gold leaf, machine and hand stitching, silk digital copy of Dead Sea Scroll portion, beads.
This is my second in my series of seven Homage to the Scribe. The scroll below is written in both Hebrew,Greek and Aramaic but if you look closely you can spot the letter from above ... the lammed. Many words and prayers begin with this letter and one of my favorites carries the meaning of forever.
Artists and words always seem to meet ... I had a dear friend (abstract artist) that studied pen and ink with a well known Chinese calligrapher for several years and developed a rich practice and friendship with her mentor. I am not alone in my astounding love for the beauty of the calligraphy on the walls of the Alhambra. The ancient rules for the scribe of Hebrew haven't changed over thousands of years ...a rich devotion. My raw combining of fabrics, beads and such is my way of uncovering or rediscovering in my own way the artful beauty of illuminating letters.

NOTE: I have the most amazing new neighbor ... a hummingbird! A tiny little nest has been built in a leafy branch off my deck and I watch the back and forth of this sweet little whirlybird! I've read gestation is several weeks so I'm gratefully loving life in new and small ways! Most of the time looking at this branch is like a "Where is Waldo" sighting so it's just fun to know the nest is there and all is well!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Red in the Room

The Roy G Biv day has come full circle. We are back to Red! I was in my living room wondering about my red choices when I decided to search right where I was sitting. The front door is my beginning point and then the Korean Cat "Good Luck" Fan placed on my drapery rod up next to the ceiling. Moving around the room to the meditation box ... I created it using cardboard and tape and paint and collage and bamboo. The inside is painted black and has a bottom layer of incense. This last find is of an Afghan I created when I was in my twenties. I used a circular needle and two strands of yarn with one being mohair. I took it with me to New York for my wedding and it has moved to all the houses for all these years, it has comforted my boys on the couch for naps and now I cover my legs with it while I watch Netflix movies. It is 50 years old and going strong! For more Roy G Biv finds click on Jennifer  and Julie and they will guide you to all the other searchers!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 a Good Year




      2015 Weekly Planner by M. Lehrer-Plansky
      Make Your Own Book

  I've been rather prolific this past year and decided to create this planner as a way to catalog some of my favorites. No longer willing to hang in shows, so I keep the framing costs to a minimum and have a small changing show here on the studio walls and stack unframed work on shelves. I've sold three of the original pieces so that feels good and I'm already working on my second piece of this new "Scribe" series. I'm truly happiest at the work table!
I realize most people use their phones for calendars and planners but if any one of you might want a planner, this is a good shape and weight. Take a look at the preview and I believe the price is $25with shipping and tax extra and I hope you like the layout.