Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Heaven's Keys

5"x61/2", hand cut stencils, painted cloth, machine stitching, beads...assorted glass and colored beads.

One of my suggested explorations was 'Maps of Heaven' and this little effort is about the keys to heaven as an entrance to maps and such. This is my third piece in exploring and I rather like this one. I enjoyed the mix of colors, and sewing the beads. The top four red ones are strung on thin wire to denote a way to hang this cloth piece but I will frame this in a shadow box frame.  I have a ton of saved keys going all the way back to first cars and houses...I even have a key to my office in San Francisco waaay back. 

Summer is here for in the morning and sunny and warm in the afternoon. The prices on motels and such have doubled because it is the 'season'. Restaurants are crowded and the beaches are covered in umbrellas! My son will visit in July...its all good!

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