Sunday, June 24, 2012

10"x10" assorted metallic paints and powders, acrylic, iridescent copper pigment stik, handcut stamp.

The last of the first three and I have learned so much about the properties of metallic paints. I like this one and look forward to begin little larger ones 12"x12". Found some interesting biblical archaeology writings and other booklets on writing secret codes. I may combine cold wax (ARTIT) with metallic powders and oils as another way to's a perfect time as I can move my studio outside for air circulation. Home and family are taking me over for the next couple of weeks so I'll be dreaming and journaling about these art making possibilities.

I've had new lino installed last week and this week the carpet cleaners arrive for the bedrooms. I'm  full of plans to choose new paint colors, new towels, rugs and make a little spa feeling right down the hall.
What is truly making me happy is that I'm opening the windows and enjoying the fresh cool summer breezes...if I'm very quiet and the wind is just right...I can hear the happy screams from the roller coaster riders...summer has definitely arrived!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time Enough Code

10" x 10" metallic acrylic, silver leaf, metallic oil stick, stencil and green glazes.

Oh, you should have seen it Monday or Wednesday and here it is very different on Sunday. I've added, sanded, carved and glazed all  in that place of not knowing??...frustrating indeed! The code came from my secret code site and is a system called ' route transcriptions. ' I like the code shapes combining with the a portion of my stenciled clock and circles. I'm still exploring the metallics?!!! I have one more small one and then move to a larger size. I'm hoping for a breakthrough, a place I might surprise myself.

July is building up to be a busy month, out of state guests, day trips planned, home repairs and pool time! Could be slow going in the studio but I will still visit blogs in the morning and I will try to post when I get something new to update!! Happy July....the heart of summer!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Night Sky Code

10" x 10", paper, stencil, metallics, white ink.

UPDATE:  I added some black lines and photographed again...this time with I think better lighting!

First of three on paper using three elements: stencil, metallic and code. I would like to complete three in this size and three larger ones on clayboard. Because I'm exploring it will take more than three or six to arrive at my goal, counting failed efforts. Actually this one has already changed with a few straight lines drawn with graphite. I was feeling too lazy to photograph all over again but will post the changes  in the sidebar next week when I post again!

My research into code has taken me to several Secret Code sites for kids: (I'm an artist not a scholar!) cipher wheels and decipher codes, Morse code to name a few. Will be learning to encrypt messages and even reading about codes used by Julius Caesar. Sure wish I had those cereal box tops to mail in for a decoder ring!

The metallics are still a stretch for me. The sheen is beautiful but for me they are a challenge. I keep thinking about how I love Russian and Greek Icons and hope to interpret my own brand of glow!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Code Unlocked

14"x14"  Rives BFK, metal key, collage, acrylic, oil pastel and graphite. Under this blue are many layers of iron oxide and stainless steel which gives a subtle glow or glitter to this code marked piece. Still trying to get to a place of play and at the same time express this fascination I have with secrets, codes etc... I have a way to go...on the sidebar is a more all over metallic piece and when I'm ready I will start working on a more sturdy surface.

This great weather pulls me away from the work table and some of my frustrations with materials. Yesterday we took a drive inland to a small old  mission town San Juan Bautista for a great lunch in a flower/cactus garden...tons of guacamole and delicious chile rellenos! The mission is quite beautiful and the site of the filming of  the classic movie "Vertigo"! We didn't stop for a tour this time because as we drove up we spotted three full school buses pulling up for an end of the year field trip! Next time as we can drive over any afternoon.

Enjoy this first week of June!