Monday, October 19, 2015

Indigo Sky

7"x8", assorted painted cloth with paper and mostly hand stitching with some machine stitching. I'm loving the indigo and I'm still persevering on the slow stitching. This piece was much larger but I kept trimming back and making late decisions on placement.
I'm already back at the work table sorting through my piles of cloth treated with indigo as well as some rust treated cloth. Keeping my eyes and heart open to those dawn and dusk memories...the kind that leave you breathless at the everyday quality of extraordinary beauty...we are so lucky to be alive no matter the circumstances! (my bit of hard won wisdom)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bits of Gray

Well here we are in the search for Roy G Biv Day, only today is extra where the search widens to the color gray. I chose these three because they were made with mostly my hand carved leaf stamp. I've used this stamp in many projects but these two show it best. I like carving an image out of soft rubbery material and I like to see it transform into a print. The title for the first piece is "Leaves of Heaven" and the second one "Tree of my Life". There is one leaf that is beaded! For more examples of gray drop by jennifer and julie

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Indigo Dusk

"Indigo Dusk", 8"x12", hand stitching.
October is my birthday month and I've gifted myself with three books, "Slow Stitching" by Claire Wellesley Smith and "Stitch Stories" by Cas Holmes and pre-ordered "Storytelling with Collage" by Roxanne Evans Stout. In the same week I also ordered online a blue plaid flannel shirt, jeans and a black cardigan with snaps....but then that is an unrelated art story!
The Slow Stitching book is beautiful and encouraged me to try slow stitching in creating this piece. Using several different fabrics was one of my distractions as well as my old eyes and stiff fingers. I'm rather disappointed with my large uneven stitches and some of this could also be my temperament. I have covered most of the surface with seed stitches, running and blanket stitches and I'm promising myself a smaller surface and less complications. This indigo piece represents my new series searching for the time just before dawn and the time just after sunset...that beautiful glow.