Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thank My Lucky Star!

Sacred Vessel Series

My neighbor and friend (she owns two of my pieces) called the other day to bring over a friend visiting from NY for a studio visit. We had a great time and Richard decided on these two prints. This one on the left is a gelatin print (yes, Knox gelatin) with pencil and acrylic paint and ink. It measures 18"x18" framed and the title is "Baptism of Dreams" The second one, on the right also measures 18"x18" framed and is a gelatin print. It's title is "Faith, Being & Necessity". It has collage, pencil and soft pastel. I shipped it off to him via UPS and he sent me a note to say all went well and he is very happy! I am so awful at marketing, I wish it all could be this easy.

Pablo is out of town and I'm working on new work...what a fine mess I've made...I will clean up late tomorrow. I'm also eating all the foods he doesn't like...eggplant, sundried tomatoes...I'm really putting on the feedbag...I have trouble with limits sometime!ha
A little explaining:" Making Monotypes "Using a Gelatin Plate by Nancy Marculewicz was a book that began this series. I have been a printmaker for years but was looking for a cleaner, less toxic way to make monotypes and the fun of using my cooking talents (boiling gelatin)with art making! The direction of the series Sacred Vessels came about after brain storming with my friend Deena in various coffee houses around town. It was extremely helpful having a direction when working with a short lived element such as gelatin. We worked together one evening making the plate and another evening printing our drawings of vessels. I can tell you, Pablo came home to a floor covered (drying time) in monotypes! We later developed these images at our own studios but it was great fun having one another for the basic production.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Back in the Studio

I'm starting a new series so I'm doing some play, exploring and some not knowing. I'm actually feeling curious, fresh outlook and just plain ready to see what will develop. I sometimes set up challenges such as: include block printing, some fabric collage and maybe limit to three colors. Once I get going I can expand or narrow the list but it's fun to have beginning direction. My most recent piece included potato print, magazine and cloth collage and I stayed away from the joint squares within squares! I have been using high quality gessoed foam core which is nice because I can cut in the surface and it is a strong support for collage. I created a new muse to infuse the spirit of exploration and I will share her image with you next. All this to keep the magic going!!
Good news, my oldest son is much better...his potassium levels have improved and he is home and on the mend. It was a prescription of steroid that the doctors feel caused the out of whackness!
Youngest son is visiting this weekend and we are going to see "Burn After Reading" by the Coen Brothers...hope it's great.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Home!

The car is in the driveway and we are all unpacked! We had a lovely day sunny and one day overcast. Too cool for swimming but we drove down towards Big Sur and stopped at a roadside place for lunch and spectacular view. Our room included a picnic breakfast, coffee, fruit, yogurt, cereal and bagel delivered at the door in a basket with newspaper. We ate light throughout the weekend and in places with great music, flowers and service! I had plenty of time to read and write and truly smell the flowers. As we were leaving Carmel we stopped in at a Farmer's Market and bought a nice selection of fruits and vegetables and the sweet orchid to the right. It was $7 and has several buds so we should have great pleasure for several weeks or more.
The day before we left, my friend Deena came over and we had a "studio day"! We transferred photo images onto cloth, used Clorox pens, machine sewing and adding things to our art pieces....generally had fun and made a huge mess!! It opened ideas up for both of us...I can see some of these methods used in my new series and she too has new ideas.
I received a phone call minutes after walking in the door from Carmel.son is in the hospital in Southern California and they are not sure but he had dangerously low potassium?!We are waiting for more test the middle of peace there can also be chaos. He has always been strong and healthy so we will wait.

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Hit the Road Jack errrr Me"

Yes, finally we are moving down the road...for two days in beautiful Carmel. Our hotel is within walking distance of downtown so plenty of cafes and strolling. Pablo and I will celebrate our second year married this November so this is the stuff of our in the sun or fun in the fog! We will return Tuesday!

Monday, September 8, 2008

An Award to Remember

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Bridgette Guerzon Mills of Contemplating the Moon awarded me this award and I am so pleased. She is a very expressive artist and I enjoy visiting her blog.

I have been visiting these blogs and find each one fascinating. A few I've yet to leave a comment so it is also my way of introducing myself: Artsortments Catherine Carter's Art Blog
My Marrakesh Spirit Cloth Studio View sfgirlbybay Marja-Leena Rathje February 07,2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

Yes, It's Time

This little red Viking muse has her own life and story...I can hardly remember putting her together with paint, crayon and collage. She measures 14"x14". I know I started with a red background and just stayed with red...adding the clock placed as a balloon with remind again it's time. I was trying to access the seven year old of me. The one that felt strong and confident with a box of crayons, watercolor tin, colored pencils and paste jar. She has always reminded me of that pure joy of artmaking....with simple tools and materials equals a fun place to play and create. Her expression is for me a straight ahead annoucement....It's time, time to keep the promise, time to get to the easel, the table and paint.