Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Long Drive Ahead!

MY DATE ARRIVES! He is entranced!

My wish has come and white diamond bangle from such a generous man!

My diamond hairclip is perfect for my hair style which might be described as a sweptback and up style.

Alexander McQueen left this earth with a slice of heaven.

"Perhaps the last piece touched by the designer's hands, it was made by McQueen especially for xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx, his long time friend and muse. This simply elegant silk charmeuse gown with its collar of silver feathers, xxxxxxx appeared as the vision of an angel". Alix Browne.

click to enlarge as this is a most beautiful dress and I too feel like an angel! I am wearing Jimmy Choo silver low heeled peep towed pumps which will be perfect for dancing cheek to cheek!


The Rolls trunk is packed with an assortment of boxes, trunks and leather valises...the Inspector assures me it is safe and necessary for the trip to WILLOW MANOR . Mr. Poirot double checked and tells me there are no explosives.

We have started our long trip and have begun with the Inspector and Mr Poirot singing a round of French folk tunes accompanied by Kato...a master musician. I am drinking champagne!
See you at the Ball!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't Tell Willow!

Not yet for Willow's eyes. Mr. Poirot is sending this bronze boxed tower of Belgium chocolate truffles to Willow Manor as a hostess gift and I don't want to spoil her surprise! Mr. Poirot, Hercule is so thoughtful and generous with this gift...I'm beginning to hope for a bauble or bangle for our date on the 30th. Lately I've been loving the combination of black and white diamonds. Do I dare hope?

Studio update: I've been a week away from working in the studio so today feels good but somewhat awkward. I have a piece started and I'll need to re-enter fresh....forgetting about where I was and where I was going. These five new pieces of the forty are about accepting autumn...turning. I have done some meditating and writing and after lunch... I just need to get started...take a step or a leap or put paint to paper and then I'll know what to do next! Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two for One

I have decided on Inspector Clouseau as my driver to the Willow Manor Ball. Inspector Clouseau was very persuasive and offered himself and his loyal houseboy (his title) Kato for the long evening. It seems both are masters of disguise and Kato will be serving tea for Hercule and myself during the drive. The inspector tells me he is also a master at both the French and English accent so as to help Mr. Poirot in communication needs? Because he is on an extended leave of absence (no explanation) he is available for hours beyond normal chauffeur hours. This could work out well or not...I hope Pablo doesn't have to rescue me like last year!

I have hired this Yellow Rolls Royce and it requires a person experienced in driving on the English side. Isn't it a beauty? Wasn't there a wonderful movie "The Yellow Rolls Royce, that featured short stories in the life of this fabulous car? I'll check Netflix. No matter, Hercule Poirot and I will be cozy with our tea and more. I understand an Ermine vintage throw will be available to keep our legs warm. Is this getting exciting?!

I have been under the weather this past week with an infection and have been chugging handfuls of antibiotics...I will not miss this event! Another dress fitting and tomorrow they deliver my diamond hair clip. Willow is buying flowers and I'm sure planning a few surprises! See you there!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Heavenly Call

20"x20", acrylic, collage, burnt edges and stencil. This is the fifth in my quest for 40 pieces. Forty pieces connected to me and my daily meditations and take on life. Recently I came across another reference to 40 in a mystical writing...the quote: "forty days before conception, a heavenly voice calls out that this one is destined to partner with that one". The idea is expanded on and explained that each of us is a spark of a different soul type and that certain soul types are more likely to connect. I like it all for it's mystical beauty and also using the strength of the number 40. I find the reference to 40 days before conception as mind bending! smile. In this piece I tried having burnt edges and I lit the paper over the sink only to be shocked at the high flames and so fast! Scared and grateful I was over the sink..a quick spray of water and the fire was out! whew! Not willing to burn the house down for my art!

Laboring over my website, I'm loading my images into galleries...slow going for me. I began my art making as a print maker and I so appreciate seeing art through the separation of glass (Plexiglas). For me, it gives the work a beautiful finish and also a feeling of a discovered artifact. My frames are a simple black or natural wood frame and the paper images are floated rather than matted. My price will reflect this framing. Opinions?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mysterious Escort

A dream come true! Yes, yes I know his obituary was printed in the New York Times in the 70's but dear Hercule Poirot will not die along with his little gray cells. He has accepted my invitation to attend the Willow Manor Ball as he is intrigued by the suspicious platter of "dip" served last year by a mystery guest also interested in tracking all the shenanigans on the patio and behind the potted palms. I will be rocking out in the ballroom while he attends to his snooping!

Update: I am still interviewing for a driver to the rented car (photos later) and I'm down to three candidates....I have my dress but may need to find an interesting diamond hair clip...I'm off to some serious jewelry shopping! Mark your calendars!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going Waaaay Back!

All the way back to the late 80's! 12"x8" acrylic, gold paint, collage and graphite on paper. At that time I had recently returned from an extended family vacation in Austria and I was enamored with the images of Gustav Klimt. Room after room of his work and all the glittering gold. This piece spoke of my interest in ancient dreamlike settings with the addition of gold. I had never used gold before and I'm sure it was inspired by Klimt. Klimt was not the only great artist that impressed me on that trip...wonderful contemporary artists as well but Klimt was my connection to gold!

The Holiday is moving along. This evening we return to the beach with bags of stale bread. Gathering at the waters edge with prayers and song, we will all toss our bread crumbs into the moving waters...a ritual to begin the forgiving process as this act is a metaphor for releasing our sins of the year...being clearly washed away. It's quite a sight when the birds arrive, the children running, dogs barking and the bread tossing. Enjoy your week and thank you again for all the lovely good wishes!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Apples dipped in Honey

It's that time of year again! The High Holidays, a time to return to ourselves, a look back over the year and our choices and so much more. Tonight it begins... sunset services at the beach with a dinner picnic. The congregation will bring in the sabbath with candles, bonfire, prayers and songs. Wednesday it's Rosh Hashanah Eve and after services we will be greeted with long tables covered in platters of apples and bowls of honey for dipping...a sweet beginning to a new year. Ending the Holidays on September 18 with Yom Kippur...the High Holidays are referred to as the "Days of Awe"!

I won't have as much studio time this week and next so I will post some unfinished work or maybe some re-posts of personal favorites. I'm just about ready to begin my website and that is very exciting....I will let you know when that is in place. Also getting excited about the Willow Manor Ball coming up soon...I have my DATE, my DRESS and I've hired a SPECIAL car, I'm still interviewing for discreet drivers?...I'll be posting all the details when Willow has the Mr. Linky available. This is my third visit to the Manor Ball and I've never been disappointed! (SMILING!!)