Wednesday, August 16, 2017

'Last of Four'

12"x6", assorted tea stained cloth, beads and glass mosaic tile, entirely hand stitched or glued.
So many questions get asked while art making. This one is my ongoing look back, the rediscovery, the digging up of lost memories, treasured old loves. Current events and ancient history get mixed together with my own vision...I so love the worn tattered artifacts...a promise that we have always been the same.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"Very Blue"

61/2"x7", assorted stained and dyed cloth, straight stitch and free wheeling machine stitching.
This is the first little one in answer to my handwritten questions. I'm using these questions as meditative prompts and hope to spend August in this pursuit. I intend on using mostly my remnants box and mostly hand stitching. Also this month I will try to do some dyeing and staining and other fun methods such as flour paste application and maybe some sun printing.
In September I am taking my first online class and truly looking forward to the connection. I work alone and I think I might like to change things up for myself. It is with Roxanne Lasky and she says the class includes people from all over the planet so I'm jazzed. Happy August!