Friday, April 30, 2010

One and Two and ...

"One" was my first effort in the molding paste/sanding technique over the collagraph/collage technique. I began wrong using a canvas. I stenciled a row of hearts with tinted molding paste and then covered the area with another color tinted molding paste.This was my first time to use my new power sander and I think I was timid about my sanding. All in all I can see possibilities for layers.

"Two" was interesting as I over shot the sander into the paper area and quickly lost some image. I was trying to sand down to a earlier color of red but before I could get to the red I had also sanded the edge which was getting seriously thin. Working on "Three" now and adding more layers and sealing collage areas.

I'll be starting a new project soon and was curious how this molding paste and sanding could be used. A wood panel would be ideal for this method. I'm still not sure of this method as I'm very impatient and the drying and waiting gives me fits and slows down the creative chances and spontaneity.

Added note: Upon reading this post over I am surprised at my seriousness....sometimes I get so caught up in the art making that I forget to have fun...!! I will lighten up as I love doing the work and will try to be more playful in my descriptions.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Assorted sizes of three leftover or extra canvases, 8'x8, 10'x10 and 16'x16'. I'm using my collagraphs I printed a few months ago using a rather old plate I dug up. I printed on thin paper with blue ink and some on a mixture of brown ink. I actually have a teapot and cups to fit on the larger one behind. I've worked in the studio a few times on these and a few more is needed. I've added levels of hard molding paste and hope to sand at some point to show different levels and colors...layers and levels of layers. (hopefully not make a hole in the canvas! ha)

I'm making some changes on the blog so you could say I'm under construction. My friend Deena is working up a new banner for me using some of my work close-up...we are having fun with the collaboration. She was over here earlier photographing my pastel pieces...big job and I so appreciate it.

The weather here is to be nice until Wednesday so I'm going to the pool for a swim. I also have planned to go to the nursery and buy those" tomato plants"in a bag. It seems they hang upside down and the tomatoes grow down and out?!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Song on Yupo

11"x11" Yupo, acrylic, collage and ink. Another favorite Dylan lyric, "Trying to get to Heaven before they close the door!" This lyric has many personal heart connections and some dry humor as well. The door is the thin Styrofoam plate I've used for it ends it's usefulness as a plate here. I plan on framing them with black painted wood frames...floating them instead of matting. This is actually the 9Th in 10 efforts I proposed. The tenth was just a major flop. It had some great elements, the connection to a favorite lyric didn't translate and so "I quit". I think it's important to quit on occasion....good for mental health! ha The quality of being able to wipe off or rub off color was a plus and a minus with this plastic paper. When I work again on this paper, I will be sure to use different materials to see what happens. I have a couple of canvases in various sizes and I intend to start without follow what shows up and enjoy no direction as a perfect direction!

On a personal note, Pablo is home from his Nevada trip. He was forewarned about my hair cut and color and he kept the yells down to just first sightings? ha Actually he has adjusted well and is only unhappy about the buzzed hair in the back...really short...little too short for me as well.
Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lyrics by Dylan

Sorry about the glare. 11"x11" yupo, acrylic, ink, stencil and collage. A favorite line in a Bob Dylan song "It's not dark yet but it's getting there" rings true to my fascination and love of dusk. In ancient times twilight was perceived beginning at the sighting of the first three stars in the sky. The anticipation of nightfall is intriguing to me...the in between of day and night....again, threshold. It brings up memories, and longings for me. In this piece I added stars cut out of a thin piece of lino and then stars cut away in another piece of lino. I have two more in this series and two more lyrics from favorite songs have come up for me as inner conversation.

On a personal note, Pablo is in Las Vegas researching for his book (life is good!) and I have been home re-inventing my appearance. I'm tired of coloring my hair so I had the hairdresser pull out the remaining color...I'm now mostly white with a touch of hairstyle is buzzed in the back and bangs and side sweep in the front...a relaxed 'Rihana' style. ! I also am about five shades darker as I used a self-tanning product. I miss Pablo but I have also taken this time for cooking all my favorites...eggplant, Mediterranean dishes that he isn't crazy about. I have two more days of free time so I might just rearrange some furniture?Someone will have some adjusting to do on homecoming! ha

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Mop-Up

Coming to the end of my yupo series and the work table is in need of a clean up. When I am finished, I'll re-sort the collage material....paper in one box and cloth in another. Fresh brown paper to cover the table and a realignment of bottles and jars. I'll take a trip to the art supply as I need a jar of red cadmium and I'll pick up three 14"x14" canvases for new work! It will feel good to see the work table again!

The neighborhood pool opens April 15th so I'm also getting ready for that big day. The older I get the more pedicure, spray on tan and new cover up and thongs. I have several bathing suits and really hate to go try on more so I have planned to take a couple of old ones to the seamstress and have her remake one using two suits.

I've been seeing many beautiful gardens in blogland! I have a postage stamp size yard but it still needs a spring spruce up. I had a fellow come and trim back the large plants, pull weeds and clean up the brick walkway and add sand between all looks good to me. The forecast calls for rain this weekend but I still feel ready for the warmer days ahead.

Next project will be my closets and then the storage shed. Amazing how difficult it is to let go, scale back and toss out what is no longer needed...after all that...carpet shampooing before Memorial Day.
Done...easy living...warm days ahead...barbecue and salads, beach days with a mix of studio days ahead!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Letters and Numbers 5, 6 & 7

This one of three 11"x11" yupo, acrylic, collage and ink. I copied this Q&A from an article in a Parabola magazine on the subject of Threshold. Here I've used my personal form of markings...the divide bars and lines and numbers, all ways I connect with the passing of time and moving across thresholds.

This piece 11"x11", yupo, acrylic, collage and ink. Looking closely on the left side is the title to one of my favorite fables "Running Between Two Suns". I have been wanting to use this piece of plaid suiting for years and here I finally did. Again the markings, thresholds between two worlds.

This one 11"x11" yupo, acrylic, collage and ink. The conversation was strongly about words, letters markings. The left side has a collage copy of a fragment from Einstein's notes and the other side has a fence drawn by me in colored inks with my left hand as well as my own letters and numbers and marks. A combination of the complex and the simple in lines.

Probably over explained all my markings, thoughts, meditations and such....everyone has their own reactions to art. Mainly I wanted to share my process of ongoing conversations from within which guide my art making. I'm down to my last three of Yupo paper. It has been interesting and I will add yupo to my studio as an alternative to paper, canvas, foam core or panels. Actually I'm thinking of returning to boxes this end to studio fun!!