Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Indigo Gate

10"x13", Indigo ink, stenciled cloth, sepia ink, hand and machine stitched, beads and bone, stained trim.
The last (for now) of this series using Indigo ink on muslin. My inspiration was the moments of dawn and dusk and I've enjoyed the emotional journey. I play music of all kinds while I'm in the studio and one of my favorites is Tom Waits. These lyrics inspired my heavenly gate!
I'm close to Heaven
Crushed at the gate
Sharpen their knives
on all my mistakes
Make it Rain


  1. This is beautiful and I just had to stop by and see the cut outs.. really cool, love reveals of all kinds...

    1. Caterina, Glad you came over here for a closer look! I did the cutting late in the art making so I was at a disadvantage...oh well, just part of the journey!

  2. Hello Mary Ann, I am visiting via Caterina's blog ... and had to stop to say how beautiful this series is. I am scrolling back to look at each piece & read their stories. As one who's sewn a lot of beads on cloth over the years, I am especially drawn to these and I also love their "raggedness" [for lack of a better word] ... they feel natural, not contrived. Lovely.

    1. Well Christi this note just made my afternoon...thank you! Thank you for 'looking' at these pieces and reading my stories and liking my raggedness too! I love archaeology and most of my fabric pieces have loose edges as well as cut ties denoting a revealing or uncovering of something lost...something found.