Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wings for Icarus

15"x15", acrylic, tissue paper collage, photo transfer on satin, wax thread and gel pen on paper.
This was easy and fun and rather slow what with being busy with other things this week. I had thought I was going to do more sewing but that didn't happen, I thought I might have many different colors but this grey lavender became important. In the myth Icarus, his father Daedalus fashions wings out of feathers and wax so he and his son might escape. I see the wings as hanging and possibly drying or waiting for the moment to try them on. I believe the gray becomes cover atmosphere for this upcoming flight and we all know that Icarus had so much joy in the act of flying that he forgot his fathers warnings and flew too close to the sun!

I've written recently about the perils of the asteroid fields but will share them when I have a piece with more asteroid shapes.Right now I'm working on a larger piece that is promising with large and small shapes.

New Year just ahead. I counted the pieces I've completed this year and as I promised myself, I reached 40...some I love, some are awful, some need work, some need to be added to the collage pile and some I will frame. Now I'm deeply into my Space series. Usually this time of year I choose a word that best describes what I hope will be a guiding force. I post it in the studio as a reminder of my connection. Nothing yet but I have a few more days. Happy New Year!!
UPDATE:  ACCEPTANCE  Hopefully not a mindless approach but more of a thoughtful acceptance. I have the word boldly placed on my wall above my work table and I'm sure it will catch my eye and I know I will forget about it as well but it is there as a reminder for consideration in a new more careful way....a choice......2012!

Monday, December 19, 2011

First and Second

First: "Early Morning Departure" 22"x26, foamcore, mixed media , corrugated cardboard, collage including paper clocks, Austrian train ticket, bird and assorted dials. Acrylic with soft pastel overlay. This piece was created quite awhile ago and I have fond feelings for it. I was going for a cockpit, dashboard, windshield, morning light space departure.

Second: I recently showed this altered view from playing on Pixlr and franswazz  commented and requested to see both images together to compare changes! The first has the pleasure of texture missing in this altered view but the space bright light and markings on this altered piece is appealing. I might print it out on some very good paper but of course I'm limited to size with my printer. I like them both for different reasons.

Update: I've been enjoying my explorations of the asteroid field and combining those images with writing and with the myth of Icarus. Using photo transfers on silk, sewing, acrylic and glazing....we shall see....right now quite a mess at the work table. Winter Solstice is a great time for me to work as I have fewer distractions (beach & pool).

May this season of light and love bless each and everyone one of you and your families!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Call to Aphrodite/Venus

15"x15" fabric and paper collage, acrylic, oil pastel and random words from 'Hymn to Aphrodite' by Sappho.

I've enjoyed the rich mythology connected to Aphrodite/Venus and have found many connections to the other Gods and planets. In this piece I travelled on Venus to the area named Ishtar Terra where I revealed remnants and found fragments of Aphrodite's  love potion bottles...as if the Goddess had a storage of these mixtures but long forgotten in this northern  region of the planet?! The words  scratched onto the dark surface  represent the Sappho poem which is part poem, prayer , supplication as well as words of admiration.

My earliest encounter with Venus (the goddess) was with the 1948 movie titled "One Touch of Venus" starring  Ava Gardner. I was very young and regularly watched old B&W movies with my sister on TV weekend afternoons. This light comedy begins as an Anatolian Venus sculpture( with arms)  is on display at a department store. One evening a lonely window dresser kisses the cold stone check of Venus and yes, Voila, she comes to life and the real story begins! I was completely impressed with this movie and even to this day I smile at the memory and also smile when I see an interestingly posed mannequin.

For now I'm leaving Venus and skipping past Mars.  It is too crowded for me on Mars with Russians and US expeditions. I'm off to the Asteroid fields between Mars and Jupiter.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Altered "Morning Departure"

22"x24" mixed media....Altered from original using PixlrRagzedge Arts......Louciao used this site to alter her photograph on her latest post and I was impressed. I decided to visit and play around with the many choices offered for free. This is an older work that I like and in the same theme of space travel so I rather enjoyed the fun of punching up the color, contrast and texture. I was going for a very very outer space feel. It was an amazing experience for me as I have never really worked with all the bells and whistles in imaging. Not sure what to do with it besides sharing but this was a needed playtime... my new Venus piece has been slow going and generally giving me fits.