Friday, February 19, 2016

First Light

This cloth piece measures 15"x18" and was made especially for Roxanne Evans
Stout's new book "Storytelling With Collage".  Yes, there is a story that goes with this piece as well as lots of beads, embroidery, rust treated cloth, stamping and bits of gold. I have yet to receive my copy of the book so I'm pretty excited and I'm reading great comments on Facebook.
Somewhere around late 2008-2009 I discovered River Garden Studio and the connection began. I especially liked Roxanne's blog because it reflected on her art as well as her garden and her natural surroundings. We have left comments for one another over the years and I have found her words thoughtful, fun and encouraging. It doesn't surprise me that she is a well respected teacher of all things about art....skills and heart and I'm so pleased to be included in this book! To order your copy click here:  Storytelling With Collage

Monday, February 15, 2016

Saturated Color

9"x12", four color subtraction print. The fourth in a series of seven. Once the last color is printed the plate is empty and the series complete. Just a look back today while I'm busy at the work table putting together my box "Caravans". It's slow going and nice to remember a time when cutting and printing from a still life had more immediate results. The truth is I like the way my art making has evolved and I would have never guessed I would be so deep into fabric and beads?!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hidden Dreams

12" x 6", made of used foam core and brown wrapping tape and paint. Covering outside with machine stitched and hand stitched cloth of varied sizes, paper, loose weave cloth to connect. Top triangle cloth connected with loose weaved cloth, stamped cloth and assorted beads as beads also on bottom. cork and cork pieces for legs and large bead for crown. Inside loose weaved cloth and a scattering of tea stained mica flakes.
Took some time not only creating the skeleton of the box but then delving into following a random piecing and stitching wrapped cloth. The strong pull in creating this box was the revealing what might have been long buried, a box of dreams? a box of treasure? a box of keepsakes? While on this art making journey, I couldn't help but think of all the lives lived and even my own life...questions come up as to lived fully? lived well? Altogether it's been a rich ride. My next box will be different shaped and I'll be dreaming of the silk road, silks, dusty roads, caravans, camels and maybe Marco Polo? Finding (creating) a box (my love of archaeology) with mystery has a huge pull in my art making.