Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Miriam's Code

18" x 18" paper, oil, cold wax, metallic powder and collage. This time I'm working larger and playing with my special "kiddie code double circle". If you follow the little black triangle pointing to the M you will see the corresponding a and there begins the spelling of Miriam in code! Not sure if this piece is finished. I was not as successful using the silver powders with cold wax and am thinking I might add silver leaf when it dries. Or I am considering adding my favorite oil based stain when it dries. Or do nothing?! I have two more large pieces ready to go and working on the deck is pure pleasure. The next one is beginning  by adding a layer of assorted greens. Quite a challenge for me using greens but what is life without a few challenges? The story or secret code for this next piece has to do with my mother and sister as they shared the same middle name of Inez as well as my great stories, family secrets!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

miriam's wall

12" x 12" paper, oils, cold wax, collage, oil based stain, and opaque paint marker.
Oh well, its just exploration. I'm not so pleased with the composition or the colors but I do like the bronze/cold wax mix on each side. I used the oil based stain to calm or maybe unify the colors. Some of the writing is taken from an ancient inscription (Miriam is my religious name). All together it was another learning experience in my cold wax odyssey. I've gessoed larger papers and am willing to keep going. I have plenty of cold wax, metallic powders and stacks of secret writings, codes and inscriptions and the weather is fine! I spend a few hours a day out on the deck and no matter the results of the work ...I'm having a happy summer.

Last week I had out of state company  which was great fun and I stopped to create some prayer flags (I'll share another time) and of course my loss of dear friend Florie. My best days and healing times are finding myself with ongoing art making.

 I know the weather is hot in so many places right now...I hope relief  is on the way with a cool breeze or a soft rain shower. Keep your drinks well iced and put on those shorts!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coffee with Florie

I had in mind to re-blog this post and then I noticed there has been a call out from The Altered Page for bloggers to consider re-posting today as a group effort...perfect synchronicity! 

Florie and I have been friends for years, meditating group, showing our work at galleries and juried events. We have helped one another hanging shows both physically and emotionally. Our best times have been in meeting for coffee and updating one another in our art practice as well as sharing some finished pieces. 

We haven't met as regularly this past year as Florie has struggled with health issues. I do know she has been keeping a journal and using oil pastels with her precious energy. She didn't want to end but rather stay and paint more and more but she past away late evening on July 3rd. I drove by her home today and saw her car parked outside which gave me a smile but I know in reality our coffee dates are over and I will miss her.

Below is one of her magical pieces that I'm proud to own.


 Open Studio Acquisition!

"Synchronicity" by Florie ...canvas measures 6"x6" acrylic. Florie is inspired by petraglyphs (sp) and has visited cave sites here and in Mexico. She teaches ESL in the evenings and paints as often as possible. Participating in Open Studio was a very big deal and it was my pleasure to visit and to buy one of her pieces. I've known Florie for years, we go to meditation together, we had a show together at a local gallery with another friend Deena entitled Sacred Vows, Sacred Visions. When we can manage it, we meet for a coffee date and time just flies! October 2008.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marking Time

10"x12" paper, collage, oil pastel, oils, metallic powders with the addition of cold wax.

This is one of three pieces I have begun out on my deck this week using oils. This piece has three layers which is a slow process as I waited for the first approach to dry to the touch. I refrained from using a brush (lazy on the clean-up) and just used a palette knife. It was fun using the cold wax and the metallic powders mixed easily. On the second approach I added collage and applied a bronze/gold mixture. I was too heavy handed and the piece went dull and flat. Mixed up this gray green/cold wax and floated the color in and around so the bronze still shows through but not so overpowering.

This time instead of code, I used the simple marking of multiples ....time especially. With the end result (to me) feeling like a found fragment maybe found underwater or in the dry desert? The limited glow of bronze is nice and would look good under glass when framed.

The weather has been great for working on the deck. I quit around 5pm as it then becomes full sun. The unexpected visitors the past few days have been little brown birds bathing, splashing in my bird bath...what easy joy!

We are going to our neighborhood July 4th BBQ! Have a safe and fun day!