Saturday, December 30, 2017

Winter Prayers

11"x18", assorted embroidery stitches, machine stitching, newsprint, silver/gold trim, gold leaf, beads.
 I began with the circles...each one demanding its own combinations of cloth, stitching and beads. Four created a square and then I began seeing a square box appearing. I usually make three dimensional boxes but not this one. The top piece had many lives and shapes...I think I was looking for magical or mystical. The trim became the glitzy silver and gold trim I have been saving for years. The scraps of Hebrew print speak of my attempt at prayer...the ancient beautiful prayers. Surprised myself with the pale blue and tea soaked lavender trim. Look closely and the circles continue in gold thread on the pale blue. This is the last of the year and the second of this winter. I might have a few more efforts on behalf of winter...

Friday, December 8, 2017

Winter Blue

12"x13", assorted cloth, stamped cloth, silver leaf and silver beads...embroidery and machine stitching, painted paper bird.
Began as a winter globe, planets, stars all frosted with silver leaf. Added the little brown bird for a perfect vantage point of oncoming winter storms. Winter here is usually mild with many shades of blue/gray skies...some rain and wind. Most overcast days I drive by the beach to see the waves stirred up and frothy.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Lucius Fabius

10"x11", sun printed leaves, acrylic painted leaves, embroidery and machine stitching, beads, assorted cloths and stamped cloth.
Title is of a Roman Senator and I've gifted this wreath in his name...just because? I had fun sun printing this summer even though I danced with the fog rolling in in late afternoons. I used the free motion quilting attachment on my sewing machine and created leaf veins...!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Autumn Sky

11"x19", assorted fabric, rust and tea stained, embroidery and sun prints.
My reaction to these last autumn sunsets. I look into my dense wooded shrubs full of leaves, nests, birds in and around sunset and wait for it all to Glow in pinks, rusts and browns. My commitment to creating from each season has begun. I plan on one more for autumn using sun print leaves.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Autumn Shadows

12"x10" and growing! assorted cloth, stamped bleached fabric, embroidery and tea stained cloth.\
Slow going on this last look at Autumn...autumn on my deck. Sunsets, branches, shadows, shapes and nests and birds....I'm expecting about 20" in length. I plan on starting some bead work next.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Story

8"X8", printed cloth, scraps of old failed work, beads and clock hand and embroidery.

The Story:   An amulet found in the desert sands. Designed after the great Pillar of Lost Directions. An ancient pillar that stood on the bank of the River forever crumbled to sand and stone. One of the features of this amulet besides the moveable arrow is the abundance of X's all reminding one to the wise words "Here I Am".

My little story finishes this piece and the online class. Still writing sessions and thoughtful conclusions but for the most part...complete.I might add a few ribbon covered eyelets for hanging. I came away with some new/old reminders of what is important in my art making as well as a few clear directions.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Mandala lll

8" around, assorted printed cloth, random scraps, embroidery, two layers of rope trim.
I'm on lesson 3 of my online class. I opted to create a mandala expressing my personal traits. Funny, curious, kind and intelligent with the addition of guarded and reclusive. The rope trim seems best to signify the last two traits! This and the other lessons have been great, very insightful and a good group to connect with along the way ... there are two more with a sixth to wrap up!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Equinox 2017

4"x4" each piece, tea stained cloth, rust stained cloth, printed fabric both stamps and sun printing, embroidery, pearl beads and assorted papers.
Part of my online class. I think I worked too fast and will try to slow down on the next assignment as this is truly about finding meaning in ones work. If I work too fast (being a good student) I will miss some of the depth of the lessons. First one is upper left piece,second to the right, bottom also left (3rd) and right is fourth with the center being the last...fifth. I'm enjoying the online class and especially like seeing others work and their take on assignments.
 Autumn is really here and my garden is changing.  I'm feeling all the ramifications of the changes both physical and spiritual...accepting this early darkness and morning chill.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

'Last of Four'

12"x6", assorted tea stained cloth, beads and glass mosaic tile, entirely hand stitched or glued.
So many questions get asked while art making. This one is my ongoing look back, the rediscovery, the digging up of lost memories, treasured old loves. Current events and ancient history get mixed together with my own vision...I so love the worn tattered artifacts...a promise that we have always been the same.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"Very Blue"

61/2"x7", assorted stained and dyed cloth, straight stitch and free wheeling machine stitching.
This is the first little one in answer to my handwritten questions. I'm using these questions as meditative prompts and hope to spend August in this pursuit. I intend on using mostly my remnants box and mostly hand stitching. Also this month I will try to do some dyeing and staining and other fun methods such as flour paste application and maybe some sun printing.
In September I am taking my first online class and truly looking forward to the connection. I work alone and I think I might like to change things up for myself. It is with Roxanne Lasky and she says the class includes people from all over the planet so I'm jazzed. Happy August!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Manuscript of Stars

10"x12", assorted embroidery, photo transfer, lace trim and variety of cloth...tea stained.

In another time I think I might have enjoyed creating elaborate manuscript pages and covers. The center square is of a section of an ancient mosaic floor depicting astrological imagery. These archaeological discoveries leave more questions than answers? How important was astrology? Magic and amulets also played important roles? Dreaming and stitching.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Moon Entrance

9"x14" tea stained fabric, crochet piece, silver leaf, embroidery and machine stitching, digital photo on cloth.
Time in the studio has been limited and there have been so many stops and starts. This small piece has had many directions and several 'lost days'. I used a digital transfer of a loved sketch of phases of the moon. Last resort was taking this to my sewing machine and let some free stitching create these precious views. I'm loving the variations of mottled stain on these different fabrics...very little control and plenty of surprises. The rest of July and into August will be slow paced which I think is good for an artist of my age...a gathering of myself and unfolding ideas and looking for tattered beauty.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Colorful Sadness

20"x22", assorted cloth, silver thread, machine stitched, applique.
I unexpectedly became a widow at age became a very dark time for me. During those dark days I created this quilt. The center bridge represents my wanting to crossover and the blue bird there to help me find my way as well as the scorpion (my sign) for protection. Above the dream image of Gabriel's horn, angels climbing the heavenly ladder and blue earth and golden trails below. sequins and stars too. Time healed both mind and heart and I folded this quilt and packed it in the closet.
I have happily remarried and life has been good for many years. Digging in the closet, I rediscovered this little quilt and I'm thinking of now, after all these years,  cutting and finding new places for these images.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Spring Sample

13"x18", assorted treated fabric, tea stained, flour paste, beads, embroidery and machine stitching.

When I'm between projects or otherwise locked into 'real life' I have a habit of stitching together blocks of scrap fabric and just stitch when time allows. It is a way of staying in the game, trying ideas out or repeating favorites. This has quite a mix and I edged it in a scrap of red and black stripes. Getting closer to stepping into the abyss...will keep you posted!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Blue Oasis

10"x12", magazine photos, tissue, embroidery, ornate trim. Used the magazine photo of Jerusalem as a base and then added cloth, tissue and embroidery. Fascinated with a strong blue on this one maybe because we are having such blue sky days here at the beach. Always like adding my stitches and now see the imagery looking more like an island floating in blue. I will never get to travel to Jerusalem so this will be my own private ancient city.
Spring is full of home repair and garden time is  lately rare. I'm thinking of sewing together some cloth as a base or backdrop and Just Stitching as a soft meditation, maybe a simple time of grace.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nomadic welcome

12"x13", tea stained cloth, machine and hand stitching, gold foil, hand cut stamps.

This piece began with the story of the Nomads and how they have a custom of never turning away the stranger. I used the colors brown, red and black to denote the common colors of desert weaving. Actually had a very different kettle but I felt it didn't fit with the other shapes so I did what I rarely do...dismantle the shape. This time I used a photo transfer of an ancient kettle that I thought a better "fit". I used foil with the addition of stitches.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Supply Joy

A box of assorted basic colors and then tons of my choices. I'm sure once I get started on a project, I will wish for that soft gray or rose colored thread that I missed but I can always go back. The little tray drawers are filled with every imaginable color so after a while it is eye and brain drain. I had a coupon and that helped with the financials. I am back in my dreams of searching for new/old/ancient images of the stories, lessons and legends of the desert journey. I often take a break and research other loves such as planets  and or whatever crosses my mind and heart at the same time. I've been considering stepping into map making...quite an assortment of images out there and maybe I can add my view in a new and different way...we shall see.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Still Waters 2

11"x10", assorted cloth scraps, tea stained, rust stained, sun printed and leftover threads.
I've gotten down to bare bones on supplies.
I've been taking a short break from exploring my desert series and mostly just stitching...I pray, I meditate, I reminisce and I day dream while stitching and my day dream place for stitching is near water. Water always soothes this still pounding heart and keeps me at peace.
I'm going to try to use what I have in supplies to finish one more 'still water' piece.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Ancient Moons 8

14'x18", cotton fabric tea stained, treated paper, ancient spears - paint, clay and plaster, machine and hand stitching, silver leaf and assorted cloth stencils.

This piece is part of my ongoing study of the ancient journey through the desert. This oasis is about the old war over water rights. Nothing really changes? This is my first time to fashion weapons ancient or otherwise. The moons depict the attacks being done under the light of the full moon! Nothing really changes? Can one be an archeologist digging up daggers and spears all fossilized to understand ancient man or is it to better understand modern man? I used materials I rarely use and it was a true challenge. I have several more 'desert stops' but I plan on a break for a little Spring joy. Just stitching for awhile.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Keeping Promises

15"x18", all fabric, flour paste resist, tea stained and rust treated. machine and hand stitching with silver leaf. hand cut stamping, 2 digital transfers.

This one follows into a new oasis, one that is rewarded with food or in ancient terms "manna". I used two digital images of containers and the introduction of birds in flight as a way of celebrating abundance when least expected. This one became quite orderly (for me) after beginning with such raw shaped and rust stained trim. I especially liked cutting hand stamps in trim and leaves as well as using the couching stitch to create small container in bottom right hand corner. Beginning with the trim first was the challenge...always good to throw myself a curve ball!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hope Regained

15"x27", tea stained cloth, machine stitching, assorted embroidery, trim from a scarf, beads and equations written in ink.
This is the biblical story that tells of the wandering in the desert where hope and faith in finding water might be lost. The answered prayer is discovering an oasis where it offers the abundance of 12 springs becoming a grateful and joyful celebration!
 I developed this piece as an ancient map, a traveling scroll placing location and distance to each spring. One being a spring covered in yellow flowers, another reflecting morning stars and one with vines surrounding a fish pond...12 in all!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Almost Forgotten

Looking in my shed for a frame and I came across this large collage. All my work has my personal story but this one has strong a prayer remembered. I unframed it and will store it in a better and safer place. It is mostly magazine collage with addition of gold and silver leaf with watercolor here and there.
Still working on a large stitched piece inspired by Bruce Feiler "Walking the Bible".  The piece represents one of the many oases in the 40 year exodus.