Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Days of the Pin Hole Camera

I love art making and especially using new techniques (to me) and interesting even odd materials. I was the kid late summer handling the erasers, pencils and purchasing my large box of crayons. I had an easel (my father built for me) and a couple of tins of colors. I loved it all and still do...a thrill for me is to walk the aisles of a good art store and sometimes even a craft store, looking for the perfect something, stones and stuff! If I collect anything it's art supplies.

This pinhole camera was my adventure into early photography. Out of a child's science book...I found instructions on creating the camera. The red oatmeal box was one of my favorites until Quaker Oats replaced the paper lid with plastic. I had all sorts and sizes of containers (I painted the outside (not necessary only the inside need be painted solid black) and attached a piece of tin (pie plate) with a needle hole for the view finder. I took my cameras to Yosemite, Hawaii and my backyard. I would expose the film and count Mississippi 1, Mississippi 2 (tourists shook their heads?) and then take my one hope per box home for processing. I turned my laundry room into a part time dark room and had mixed results but I loved every minute of the adventure. Mostly dreamlike images of trees, rocks and water. I had several shows and attached my poems to each image. Entered juried shows and did very well on awards....it was great fun and once again doing what I love, making art with a new or odd techniques in new or unusual ways. I was able to take advantage of the technician at the local college for help in processing and probably could have taken it further but gave it up when I moved to the beach. The framed piece is a pinhole image of my backyard...we lived on a waterway and had a big old oak tree....the oatmeal box created a fishbowl effect.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Walls

Actually this work is on my next door neighbor's wall. She came over with her husband for dinner about a year ago and bought it off my easel! It's mixed media on paper, approx. 16"x16". Acrylic, cloth, sewing, stones and oil pastel. This piece was the "Mother" piece to the 10 that followed. I was working with the concept of the human within the divine using abstract forms. The loose grid seemed perfect and I wanted to keep exploring ways to express this odd shaped stitched circles within squares as a way of clarifying the spiritual mix. I enjoyed that series very much and still have some pieces unsold.

I took my compass out in the garden this morning and did a meditation on the seven directions. Beginning with East, South, West, North, Sky, Earth and Inward. Didn't get too much but I did get a feeling for X marks the spot so I'll let that be my beginning. I'll try to follow this meditation before each studio day and let that be a guiding force for me and my compass. Nice....autumn, new spiritual year and new work with strong directions.

Again it's Wednesday Walls and my question is always the same "What is on your walls today"? I'm rather a nosey person and always like to see what is going on with others walls!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Unresolved for now

This piece has stood neglected for weeks. It measures 18" x 18" on Rives BFK, mixed media. I had a vision of an ancient dashboard...a mystical discovery. After so many weeks, I felt reconnection had to begin with writing. Below is what came of a long morning writing about my vision and emotional connection:

[Abandoned parts of a near whole
Ornaments of glory relegated to a sand burial.
Only now giving answers to puzzles of ancient voyagers
A key to the lust of exploration of the unknown
Dials, meters, arrows pointing to heavens lost roads
Remnants of one equation explaining all equations...nothing is ever lost in matters that concern the heart.]

I feel better and more "on target". I've cleaned up my work table and willing to begin again. Everything about this piece needs working...composition, colors and shapes to name a few. Finally I'm engaged and looking forward to working again. I'm back listening to Dylan's new CD and all is well here at the beach today!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Kitchen Reveal:

It's done or "close enough"! The flooring needs to be repaired and the cutting board is missing. I have everything back in where it belongs only better. I invested in trays and accessories that hopefully will keep my knives, spoons & spatulas organized. I've ordered a metal bar stool which has not yet arrived. August and some of Sept. has been spent on this update and all in all it has not been too painful...what was most difficult was keeping it all organized...deliveries, painting, install etc. I am on an extreme budget so I spent a great deal of time shopping....buying appliances on days when "no sales tax" was offered or getting a no interest no payment for 10 months for the big items and for the countertop I used a 1% check from my credit card. The laminate was the big surprise as it looks great...better than I had expected since I picked out my choice from a little three inch sample?!

Now I can return to the studio without big interruptions. I'm going in this week to finish the "Ancient Dashboard"...it's been so long I'm not sure if I'll be able to reconnect. If not then I'll start a new piece...still focused on using the compass in the work. Fall feels so good for art making...a true feeling of renewal.

Friday evening begins our High Holidays which is full of ritual, prayers and singing. At the end of the evening service we will exit to long tables covered with platters of icy cold sliced apples and bowls of honey....for dipping the apple slices. Life is good and this time of year very sweet!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"Dusk" measures 36"x36", canvas, acrylic, collage and oil pastel. I painted this about the same time as I painted "Dawn" a couple of years ago. I can see my style hasn't changed much...similar materials and a familiar process for me. In this piece I have placed the evening as on a floating tablet suspended in a black sky by red threads...the hand reaching for the moon. Below the stars are many places of my memory of special twilights. I have a heart connection to dusk, neither day or night but a unique mixture of the two. Ancient Hebrews referred to this time as erev "evening". There are beautiful stories of twilight as a part of Hebrew mysteries. A time between the two luminaries and sometimes expressed as Running Between the Suns. The first three stars seen in the sky denote the beginning of evening and a time to begin the Sabbath. I'm thinking of replacing "Dawn" (Aug. 26Th post)with "Dusk" over our bed for the fall and winter.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm so glad to be back...I've missed all of you dear bloggy friends and will be so pleased to visit each and everyone of you! The problem seemed to be related to my Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. At one point it looked as if I had lost my current favorites list. My eyes filled with tears and I told Computer Guy Tom, I had to have them back. It took him more time but he got them all back and neatly placed in ABC order on my sidebar!! I'm using firefox now and it seems to be going well.

The kitchen is also going well...all sorts of things happening....mostly good but a few nightmares. Painter moved the refrigerator and tore up nice flooring?#!!%! Installed the counter top yesterday and discovered the stainless steel sink was damaged so I had to run and get a new one (I don't run well!) I went with (budget concerns) a Wilsonart laminate stone finish and it turned out so well...actually beautiful. Today they installed glass top cooktop, dishwasher and now the disposal. I have spent the morning reading manuals on use and clean-up. When they finish hanging the cabinets, I will take photos. Very pleased.

I am still missing the studio. I haven't stopped thinking but thinking isn't the same. I do sit at my table writing....brushes are clean and ready... now all I need is for everyone to finish and go home! In the meantime I will visit your sites and admire and enjoy all your posts!