Friday, December 18, 2015

TBT on Friday!

Way back to the 80"s on this piece. monotype, collage and soft pastel measures approx. 24"x24" and sold at a show in Sacramento. Today is actually the last day of the last months of the Roy G Biv Day and click on these two sites for more beautiful examples of color...  Jennifer  or Julie  
It has been great to participate in these photo searches and seeing all the other photos of the chosen color as well as to discover new artists!


  1. What an inspirational piece, Mary Ann! I love those saturated blues and oranges!

    1. Thank you Sharmon, A long time ago but I remember the wonderful mess working with soft pastels!

  2. What beautiful, rich colors...and I love your expression "wonderful mess" in reference to working with pastels..."beautiful result," I would add! It's been lovely to see the ROY G BIV-themed pieces that you've posted over the past year...

  3. Thank you so much Arzigogolare!! Roy G Biv day has opened up new connections and friendships and has truly enriched my blog life!