Monday, March 28, 2011

Pick a Card..Any Card

 UPDATE:  Thank you so much for this positive response to my new cards. I have all but given them away this past week but with that I was offered an opportunity to show my pieces locally. A good business card is always important!! I just know that each of you that go with Moo will not be disappointed. Let me know. FYI: the cards are printed on recycled paper.

My new business cards from  I like that I was able to place my art all over the surface and the back side carries name, number, website, blog etc. I ordered only 50 because I wanted to see the quality first and I can say I am well pleased. The card stock is sturdy and the colors true...the delivery time was fast so I'll be happy to re-order and also will have postcards printed too.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rain and more Rain

    1. I'm re posting this clip...turn up the volume and enjoy the full flavor of RAIN. Our storms are stacked up out in the Pacific and coming in each day minus the thunder. These rainy days are good studio days. The light isn't all that great but no distractions. Staying in, putting on soup and mixing color....a description of one of my perfect days. Right now I have a yellow/purple composition and a blue/ochre piece. Both are in the beginning place and I'm sure will change dramatically. Monday will be my last critique (4 in total) and I'm looking forward to yet another connection  about where and how the work is flowing.. Lisa asks good questions and always has fresh ideas and approaches.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wait Station 011

20"x20", Rives BFK, acrylic stained fabric, wax thread, watercolor crayon, light molding paste and clear tar gel.

This is the second piece created from a recent fascination with the announced discovery of a large planet in and around our solar system. I believe the report said the location was in shadow near the cloud Oort. The details don't interest me but the names and ideas set me off in my own thoughts and imaginings. Below are a few lines from my journal on this subject which became fodder for at least two pieces. I'm easily moved by mythologies, antiquities, astronomy.

Remnants of the Wait Station
Long ago bearing the winds and sand storms which having left mere threads, bits of cloth
holding on to the rare jewel of the promised rest
Accommodations sparse, food and drink measured
Love ever available in this dark shadow of the Cloud called Oort.

My Winter Solstice is coming to an end and I will be posting more often. This time has been good for me...gotten me back on a tighter studio schedule and helped me to "see to" art related goals. I have never really left blogland as most mornings with a cup of coffee, I take a tour of all of your sites!