Saturday, December 28, 2013

Restoration M103

14"x16", painted fabric, embroidery, machine stitching, handmade stamps, blue fabric pen, paper napkin, satin ribbon.
Had a good time putting these three embroidery pieces together. I hadn't planned on palm trees but one thing led to another. I saw an ancient fan like carving on a museum site and next thing I'm cutting into a rubbery stamp. I've learned so much using fabrics, beads and embroidery in my art making this past year. One of the things I have learned to accept about me is my strong color palette...I just can't seem to work with neutrals for any length of time before I pop in some purple etc...! The key always for me comes back to breaking loose of patterns and counter that with accepting personal ways of mark making ... a fine but not so easy balance.
On New Year's Eve day I'm going to settle down with notebooks, study books and find a plan on how to proceed in 2014, an outline of sorts. I'll also find a new word ('stillness' this past year has been wonderful) that will act as both an anchor and or wings to the days ahead. I know I plan on reminding myself that this is the year I learn to delete my camera photos and get rid of that pesky date that shows up, more important plans too. Later I'm going to meet with husband at the beach and share our writing ... a mini retreat ... hope to finish off with a nice ritual, maybe wrapping up our written plans, maybe a ritual burning or maybe we will just haul it all home for reference. It will be cold out there so our sharing will be to the point!
However you approach the New Year ... I wish you all health and happiness. Crossing over to the New Year, a year never lived before ... 2014!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

2nd to the Third

measures 5"x5", embroidery and machine stitching, painted and stained loose weave cloth and purple cotton backing.

Actually I have done a third small piece and have begun combining the three together ,,,painted and stained a larger white muslin and have been adding stamps sewing and now at a point of stopping and looking for awhile. This narrow piece represents my final piece of the year, my inspiration has come from my ongoing study and dreaming of archaeological digs ... the assembling, restoring and cataloging of ancient (?) items. A rich personal experience as well so I'm taking my time to truly savor the process. Plan on returning before the New Year or just after but today is a celebration of its very own.  Winter Solstice! I wish for a happy short day and a warm long night ahead ... turning!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

One of Three

The misshapen square measures approx. 6"x6", embroidery, glass beads on painted loose weaved fabric attached to 10"x10" purple cotton cloth.
Slow going in these days leading up to Winter Solstice. I have three squares I'm combining and this is just the first. The color is a bit off as the threads are a light gray and lavender and here it looks white. My plan is to combine these in a long rather narrow east to west shape. I've dreamed of fringe and added fabrics but not sure at all how it will play itself out. I have my latest archeology magazine, a few study books and I've a brand new notebook so I'm ready for anything that might show up! Also have a few gift cards and coupons for art supply and fabric store so at anytime I can make a run for more stuff! With that said I'm prepared( if the work takes a serious turn) ... with a foot and hand massage appointment ... I've got it covered!
Happy Holiday fun!

Monday, December 2, 2013

"Chalice Recovered 6244b"

12"x14, screen printed cloth, machine stitching, embroidery, beads, pearls glued and painted glass bead fringe attached to silver embossed metal sheet squares. Fabric paint and acrylic colors, recycled paper momigami effect, fabric pen markings.
I began with screen printing a palm motif on cloth and the run of fabric paint formed a goblet or chalice shape. I went with the shape and took a journey with a wide variety of embroidery and beading techniques. This little desert series has been good for me, it has led me to some new ideas on how I want to proceed through the winter. I'm a believer in allowing the work to inform and to expect a dialogue between me and in this case the fabric. Many archeology sites end their digs at this time of year and proceed to catalog and report their findings. My urge to make lines and letters on the fabric has resulted in a direction of cataloging and marking these pieces as related to finding personal memories, images as well as ancient stories.  I'm going to begin some serious journal writing as well as begin working with small abstract shapes in order to find my direction for larger fabric pieces. How I combine several smaller pieces will be one of my challenges. I'm still very excited about color, shapes and texture using beads, embroidery and cloth marking. I'll report back with some of my first efforts