Sunday, January 31, 2010

Raw Beginnings

38"x38" paper and beginning markings similar to a particular butterfly in and around Australia 'euthalia cyanipardus'. The idea of Wings of Grace have come into my writing and my handy thesaurus speaks of divine influence, benediction and a quote by William Hazlitt, "The outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul" With all this and some meditation, writing and studio time, I have begun here with this raw start. I've added texture to some parts to help the pastels grab and I've also started with a here's to beginnings.

On a household note: Our water heater went out and because of improper installation, the water leaked into the master bath...yuuck! I have spent the weekend with fans trying to dry the floor. The plumber replaced the old one on Saturday so wet floor or not, we got our showers and ran the dishwasher. Couldn't help think how spoiled we all are and how awful and primitive conditions are in Haiti!

I have re-installed the notification approval on the comments page. With all the Hackers seems like one way of taking precautions. I so easily forget that this is a vast network...rather than a small circle of artists. I know it can be an inconvenience but please don't let it discourage you from leaving a few words...I so like this process of sharing who we all are as we live our creative lives.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Love the Baabee"

"Mercy" 38"x38" paper (unknown type or weight) paper collage, fabric collage, acrylic and soft pastel. There was an old episode of "Seinfeld" about seeing someones loved baby that was not such a pretty was hilarious! I feel like the parent (artist) who has labored and brought this loved not so pretty baby into this world! ha I re-learned so much about these materials. The paper and soft pastel were a gift from my friend Josie's studio. I have been using these materials in this project as an act of memory to Josie as she passed away a couple of years ago. Using the paper without a lot of 'tooth' along with very soft powdery pastels has been a challenge...!I will take what I've learned to the next piece that I've already begun. I even changed the background color of the site in order to better enhance the piece....just loving the baby! ha

Monday, January 25, 2010

Got Me a New Pair of Shoes!

'Just Do It' as the box suggests, well I did. I have been wearing my almost white Nikes for close to 9 years and this weekend was my moment! ha My old shoes have been good to me... feel like soft pillows but because I stand so much when I am is time to get a little more support. There was a lot to pick from and I was surprised at how much bright silver and color combinations are now in athletic shoes.. This pair has an air cushion heel and the trim is gray patent leather. They feel great and I'm sure I will get the support I need.

Movies this week: 'Crazy Heart' and Netflix choice is an oldie "Brazil" with Robert De Niro. We are watching it as a way of a refresher into the same creator of "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in which Tom Waits plays the Devil....what fun! With an occasional sprinkling of a NBA Warriors Basketball game,
our TV time is booked.

Almost finished with 'Wings' has been such a challenge. I think I'll 'chalk' it up to learning, re-learning the elements of soft easy trick! ha

Thursday, January 21, 2010

On My LivingRoom Wall

Canvas, acrylic 50"x54" by artist Mike Vigil. He is from an artists family...his father was a well known Southwestern artist Veloy Vigil and he has a brother Dan who also paints.

Years ago in my late 30's and into my 40's I wore all black, carried a journal constantly , drank quarts of espresso and met with other artists in coffeehouses all over town. I was taking classes , workshops and had rented my first studio space, My children were in school which allowed me the time to explore my art making and begin to build a career. I was always visiting museums and galleries. One winter our family vacationed in Scottsdale, Arizona where we visited more galleries. My husband saw this painting and really liked it...said it reminded him of me? I liked it as well and he bought it and had it shipped home. I love owning this piece and it holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the last gifts I received from my husband as he past away shortly thereafter. I mostly keep it on the living room wall but sometimes move it to another room. I never get tired of it and love the colors...turquoise etc... I've had difficulty photographing it in this winter light but the colors are true only brighter in better light.

I've put aside my 'wings' painting and living with it...I think there will be yet another small change. Yesterday I began another large piece and so it begins again. I am writing and drawing and letting it all evolve...the search is on! ha

This afternoon, my friend Florie is visiting...bringing some decaf Chai and I'm supplying the lemon pie. We need to visit and keep up with one another so this will be perfect. We usually meet at a coffeehouse (old habits die hard, I rarely go to coffeehouses... still wear my black!) but it is cold and rainy so we are keeping it in-house!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pastel addition to 'Wings'

Almost impossible to post without a photo, so this is a section of the 'wing' that I've been working on. Actually I've been adding the pastel and at the same time resolving shapes and composition. This is a BIG surface and I'm committed to two more. Somehow I have a feeling at the end of these three I will have just begun...isn't that the way it works? While I've been working the word Mercy has been strong for me...the dictionary gave several definitions "relief of suffering' and 'kindness beyond expectation' are two that have touched me the most.

Like everyone, I've been troubled by photos of Haiti. I'm not sure if I've done much good but I have donated to Doctors Without Borders as I see the needs right now to be greatest in helping the injured.

Last night I watched some of the Golden Globe award show. The girlie girl part of me finds it difficult to miss a red carpet with beautiful designed dresses. I wasn't disappointed although I was disappointed in the severe swept back hairstyles. The big moment for me was seeing Jeff Bridges accept his award. I've been on his blog (no I'm not a stalker!ha)to check out his take on the filming of Crazy Heart. I so like his down to earth play and humor!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ohhh, It's so Brown!

This is the continuation of 'Wings of Mercy' and I've made two discoveries....I've remeasured the's 38'x38' instead of 48'square. I stand corrected... it is smaller...( still feels like 48') I have also discovered (I think I already knew this one) I don't care much for browns. I thought of my wardrobe and everything is in grays and blacks, very little in browns. I don't even have a tube or jar of burnt sienna but rather mix it myself? I want to finish this piece all in soft pastel so I need to make some bold changes. The words on the right are in Latin describing an African butterfly with similar markings.

Personal note: Yesterday Pablo and I had a day out (long overdo) which began with lunch (Chinese) and then on to a matinee "Invictus".

We are still formulating our plans for the year....places to go, things to do and see. We did promise one another more pool time and more beach time and more picnic time. Maybe because it is raining but all three sound like a wonderful dream. We ended our day by reading the poem "Invictus" along with our nightly Robinson Jeffers. Sorry about the bad photo glare but the studio is dark with all this overcast and rain.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beginning Wings

48"x48" Working title is' Wings of Mercy'. I'm beginning this piece on paper in yellows and making real and imagined markings as in butterfly wings...only not. I have stacks of cloth, paper and things to glue and paint. I'm finally feeling better...strong enough to start painting. I intend on doing three of these large ones so I've plenty of space to paint.

Catching up with all the New Year's words of 2010...I report my word as 'Resolute'. The word will serve me well as I have a big project planned for the first of Spring and I need this time to gather and get ready. I did a tarot reading and was happy with the Magician card concerning the project with the outcome card being the King of Swords....this should all be interesting.

Thank you to each one of you on this magical medium!!! I took ALL your advice, woolly socks, rest,tea, lemon, honey, books (Tassajara Cookbook) salt water gargle, and more rest. Pablo delivered fresh soup (Whole Foods)packaged as if by a Shaman wrapped and blessed each container. Your comments made me smile with tears....thank you.

Below is some writing concerning my study with friend Deena this winter.

This dark winter season holding dreams yet dreamed
Warmed by hopes of the promised gifts of Spring
Planting these beginning seeds in dark moonless evenings
Faith in gifts of ancient souls
Find the chant, no the humming lullaby heard not for the child but
Rather for the tired heart long traveled.
Ring the bells, turn the prayer wheels, this winter of finding and
Accepting my soul's rhythm has begun.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sharing the Bookshelves

This was a post I had planned describing my new books, old books and how difficult it has been to share this space. I had planned on taking a few close-ups but I woke up this morning with a screeching, screaming sore throat. I will be taking a few days off beginning NOW to recover. I hope to be visiting all of you as I feel better. Meanwhile enjoy these first few days of the new year !