Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Challenge!

This is a beautiful collection of fabrics and trims ...a giveaway that I won from the studio of Constance Rose.This photo doesn't capture the beautiful mix of colors...I'm speechless! I'm also challenged! I've laid out these fabrics in a corner of my studio with a small notebook and when my attention is drawn to them, I write down what I think I see or hear. So far 1. forest floor 2. rose petal box 3. dream potions. Not all I write makes sense to me yet so this may take awhile...I'll post my progress! Thank you, is to 400,000 more views!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Busy Worktable!

I keep a neat house...really, I do! Beds are made, dishes are done, everything is in its place until I start a creative project and then all bets are off! The music is on, and things are moving from here to there. I act as though there is a clean-up crew waiting outside! My Virgo husband (first husband was a Virgo too!) always has a shocked look on his face as he can't believe what he is seeing! When I'm done....I'm more than happy to get to the cleaning and organizing...but not until the project is complete.I'm my happiest when I'm in the middle of this all!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blue, blue day

An assortment of blue to celebrate Roy G Biv day! The bowl is a favorite of mine...purchased at an antique store because I loved the color and the sturdy little feet. Always love the planets and this one was my concept of a dashboard on an early blue morning flight. Third is called "Wait Station" and was a way for me to combine paper, paint and thread. Last was one of my muses (almost all of my muses wear helmets and carry light) I once dreamt of seeing the earth from another vantage point and so (she) with her helmet and ribbons,braids and light...shows me the way home! Beautiful blues out there today...might want to visit Julie and Jennifer!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Walls of Heaven 1"

10"x10", rusted cloth, stamped cotton, bronze beads, bronze iron on paper, hand and machine stitching.

I began this piece with rust stained cloth pieces and pretty much after first steps, I found myself in "rescue" mode. I ran into big trouble trying to apply a rusty/bronze paper with my iron...very mottled and it continued from there...after about a hundred attempts at this or that, I finished (quit). The beads do add a nice sparkle and I think I've come through this effort with inspiration to continue creating with ancient walls as my subject. Something I'm willing to consider down the road. All in all, I'm ready to clean the studio table and begin yet another exploration.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Temple of Leaves

12"x13", muslin, cotton, hand printing, gold leaf, machine and hand embroidery, loose ties on four corners.
This is the first of my just play around and explore time. I began with some poorly printed leaves and over printed with a blue green paint. Some leaves are machine stitched over but most are hand embroidery using a mixture of different colored threads. Fun creating a temple with gold leaf and gold paint. While I was busy with this, I had some fellows paint my kitchen! Now I'm starting on a sorta grid pattern and I have some other fellows coming to clean up this little overgrown yard. Spring is moving along nicely!