Thursday, June 20, 2013

"On the Boardwalk"

Photo of our Boardwalk taken from the wharf. The tourists are here, the rides are up and running! I can here the screams and the waves when the wind is right but mostly it is the traffic that changes when summer arrives. My son will be flying in from Corpus Christi TX for a great summer visit...I'll be taking time away from this blog to enjoy him in the days ahead. I'll put aside my almost finished second piece and post it when he flies home.   HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE1

Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Fading Memories"

12"x20" embroidery, Momigami, found papers, machine stitching, dried flowers, digital transfer on silk, wire and ribbon.

This is the first of my proposed three sacred cloths using the palm motif. I tried once again the technique of Momigami. The green rectangles and also the tan rectangle in lower center. This tan cloth began as those thin brown recycled napkins and after oil and crumbling it became a soft delicate cloth?! The jar is a silk transfer of an ancient jar with Hebrew letters incised into the pottery...a very rare find. I see this cloth as a collection of memories both the sewn jar and the transferred image seem to be as faded memories of daily desert rituals.

On a personal note some of my sweetest childhood memories were of spending an occasional few days at my grandmother's house. I was 6-7 and now that I recall she was my age that I am now. Our mornings were spent moving a gigantic garden hose around her yard watering her beautiful flowers. The garden was glorious and there I learned about azaleas, carnations, wisteria, roses and daisies to name a few! After our gardening she would prepare my breakfast which was always the same: a soft boiled egg perfect with salt & pepper, golden toast generously buttered and a warm mug of coffee mostly milk. Sacred memories for me!