Thursday, October 29, 2009

Looking Northward

I can't paint as fast as I can post. This piece might need a revamping but for now, I'll call it done. 8"x8" canvas, monotype, collage, tissue, acrylic and stones . I meditated several times and struggled with my writing. I picked through the writing and wrote phrases on the sides of this one: "winters heaven has long been waiting" and "North, top of the world just above our heads and hearts" with a silver pen. The star holds a compass and below are pieces of clocks. This one went slowly and the next two have been smooth starting. They are the directions of sky above and earth below. Funny how some just make themselves. The last direction is inward and I will have done seven in this meditation. Next? Already I am gessoing four larger canvases 24"x36" for the next project. These canvases were given to me by a friend about 18 years ago!!! The shape never called to me and they have a narrow wrap as he stapled them to the sides rather than the back which means I might need to build a frame to hide the staples. I thought after all these years I would challenge myself to make art in this least before they fall apart in the shed. Just love the art making!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Southern Exposure

Another canvas, more meditation and writing. 8"x8" canvas, acrylic, tissue, gold ink and stones. Some of the writing coming out of the meditation described imagery of crossing borders, floating along a lazy green river and calls from winged Gods. The writing also touched on longing hearts and exotic secrets of the mist?! The words exotic and secret are hand printed on the sides of the canvas. I admit to a very colorful palette but these little directions are feeling "bright" even for me. I'm tempted to take another look at the seven directions in a more softened grayed down palette but that will come later...for now COLOR!

personal update: I've had such a great birthday...65 being one of the big ones! Comments and cards filled with good wishes...packages, lunch, brunch all from dear friends. Pablo has been busy for days on my gift and I was surprised and so pleased. My Hebrew name is heroine and Moses sister. She is known for her songs, dancing and tambourine playing at the Red Sea. Pablo wrote a beautiful prose piece titled "Song of the Sea" , illustrated with antique paintings of Miriam. The piece spoke of her life and brought out my connection. He added to this a beautifully wrapped tambourine...a perfect gift for me and out to dinner too!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Blue Sky Birthday!

"i thank you God for this most amazing
day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and for the blue dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes."

October 25th all day, brunch planned with friend and dinner with Pablo...presents any time.

UPDATE: Brunch was wonderful...My friend Deena gave me a beautifully framed collage by Leslie Avon Miller!!! Deena contacted Leslie and picked a beautiful piece for me and framed it in a muted silver frame. Check the sidebar for one happy me!!! What a treasure! Pablo gave me another big surprise but I will update tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Remains of the First Storm

Our little village of Capitola received "tons" of flotsam and jetsam from a nearby creek in our first storm of the season. What to do with it all? As soon as the rain stopped the locals gathered to make art...sculpture that is...every year it happens, mostly tepees but some other interesting shelters too! Children and adults, cameras out and plenty of critics but mostly the fun of seeing the creations. We have benches that line the beach and nothing is better than sitting and taking in the sights with the added fun of watching the surfers riding out the waves nearby... all with the warm sun on your face! Actually the pigeons can be a pain but other than that...perfect!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Going West

8"x8" canvas, monotype, acrylic, screen, sandpaper, tissue paper and crackle paste. I've used crackle paste before with mixed results....this time I applied it very thick and with color mixed into the paste. I began with two prints but along the way I salvaged two parts of two prints of the compass. Things sometimes disappear in the process of art making.
With my meditating and writing I was reminded of the years I spent living in the Central Valley of California...years raising our two sons. The winters in this area are damp, cold with dense fog and the summers have blistering heat. Some of the phrases from my writing are written on the sides of the canvas:" Hot dry days sinking into cool" and "Wind binding my heart tired and frail". The California delta has it's beauty and wildlife but I could never feel settled or at home,yet we lived there over 18 years. When the time was right, when the boys were on their own, and as a widow, I sold everything and moved to the beach...a good decision for me and I found" home" here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not Done Yet

Canvas 8"x8" acrylic, tissue paper, monotype, metal ring and two sides - painted words.
These four directions have been a challenge and I'm not done yet but getting there! The meditating and writing has led me to re-look at directions...where I have been and in this one I have revisited the grand adventure of leaving the West, getting married and living in the East as a young woman. My writing has been helpful and one line in particular as advice not given but needed: "Give into the angels east allow your strong heart arrows to soften" I have enjoyed looking back to those days in the East and the blue moon speaks to me as a metaphor for cold winter nights in New York. Now I'm in that place of looking, wondering and sometimes jotting down ideas of what could be next. The area is small and it is already loaded with stuff...maybe something to unify...we shall see. Always good to share here on the blog.

On a personal note...I had my flu shot...ordered a really cute long fleece zip front robe...I am so ready for cool nights. We had our first rain last night so all I need is to pick up new slippers and I am set...bring it on...let it rain!! Are you ready?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Dance Memories

I am home from a whirl wind festive night at the Willow Manor Ball. Actually, I'm not home, I stepped out of my dress and peep toed platforms to visit a day spa to receive "treatments"! Dancing all night has left my feet in dire need of attention...also drinking some detox teas because of my many combinations of White Russians, champagne, martini, unknowable mixture and brandy which has left me woozy beyond woozy but I have my least I think they are my memories!
Willow gave a truly great bash...the faces I saw, the dances I danced (I didn't know I knew the quick step?). Oh, the food...pastries, seafood, caviar. This was such a rare treat to play with so many playmates all to the notes of a full orchestra!

The Motley Crew? The ride home in the Limo was quiet. The Dude was OUT, Robert still sipping brandy. We dropped off the Spaniards at the airport along with Julian Schnabel. Chopin stayed on in the company of Mozart, Dylan was last seen hitchhiking down the turnpike and Hannibal and Van Diesel were preparing a march on Rome...New York that is! My real Pablo was left to the long drive home and we talked, laughed and shared stories...Willow's staff packed up the beautiful tarts and we nibbled on those while drinking a thermos of fresh coffee. Truly hard to write any fantasy about myself without including true last dance partner.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm in a Rush, Here is my Dress!

Isn't my dress beautiful? I loaned it to this Hollywood actress Ms Sheridan and after extensive drycleaning, it was returned to me in perfect shape. This dress is by designer Angel Sanchez and the color is called plum and as you can see it is a series of beautiful pleats. I personally am not from Hollywood and would never wear this blonde stringy hair but rather an elegant style. Notice the necklace...also mine, simple diamonds by Bulgari.
We are running late and this Entourage idea may not be my best. The Dude insists on driving the Limo (says he knows of a shortcut), Dylan brought his guitar, Picasso is sketching with charcoal!A couple of the fellows have gotten into a political DISCUSSION and Hannibal is in full dress uniform... metal and leather! My dance card is subject to revision because of this unexpected and unruly behavior of my suitors!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Entourage or Motley Crew?

Being a mixed media artist it wouldn't be difficult to explain my mix in favorite men. These are just a few of the living or dead men I would willingly spend time with...some easy to enjoy on a dance floor and others I'd rather dream of a starlit night on the Willow Manor patio or a shadowed corner of the room? Ha

Jeff Bridges and his "Big Lebowski" hearing all about Hollywood and the inside stories of filming. Jeff Bridges has an affable smile and the Dude likes white Russians...nice combination!
Robert Reich former Secretary of Labor...I always like a handsome face, nice voice and a head full of brains!
Frederic Chopin goes without saying....he was genius and his romantic music leaves me breathless.
Bob Dylan...speaking of breathless...I just love the guy!
Pablo Neruda...who wouldn't want to sit next to him and have him read one of his poems!
Pablo Picasso....Always!
Javier Bardem...Good acting, great characters and a charming face...intriguing!
Julian Schnabel...fine artist, fine director, huge ego and charming as well!
Van Diesel playing Hannibal...I've always liked Hannibal (I am a peaceful person?)his campaigns against Rome, his elephants...I've been told he was the greatest General and now this Van Diesel will be Hannibal in 2010l...I would like to hear his approach on playing this giant.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Fashion Beginnings!

Twice a year my mother gassed up the "Buick" and the three of us went downtown to find our new dresses. She mastered handling that big chrome tank with it's column shift in her suit and heels, talking the whole time about fashion (she was the lay-a-way Queen) and my older sister reading catalogs. One year I took a real interest by finding my own dream dress but it wasn't to my sisters taste or my mothers purse.It was aqua nylon with matching taffeta slip, the dress had raised velvet dots in pink and was a beauty! I had to take a stand with these wonderful Leo relatives so I barricaded myself in the plush carpeted dressing room. They sent in the sales matron but I didn't budge...finally they were so afraid I would blow a fit and embarrass them that they gave in and the dress was boxed and bagged and we went on to the fountain for our chicken salad sandwiches and root beer floats. This family story got bigger and bolder as time went on and long after the dress was sent to Goodwill. They never took a photo of me in my dress but I remember loving it. This is of me a few years later and here I have my gloves, and crocheted purse (by my mother) and I began posing and enjoying fashion without the worry of sister and mother bossing me around so much!
Years I have enjoyed reading fashion magazines and lately Project Runway has been fun. The young designers seem out of control but yet all are innovative, clever using wonderful materials! I can't wait to show you my gown....I went with a new designer!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Studio Day

These are my 8"x8" canvases denoting my exploration into the seven directions. So far I have written words to guide me with these four...east, west, south and north. I will stay focused on these and then work towards "above, below and inward". In order to give myself boundaries, I have limited myself to three techniques and three materials.. I still feel challenged but I also feel I'm less scattered and not so out of control(mixed media gone astray!) with these limitations....we shall see. I have been working on "east" and it's been several hours with some changes and more to follow....I will keep posting my progress.

correction: Willow's birthday is not the 13th but rather the 20th. Mine is only five days after hers but I am a Scorpio instead of the fun flirtatious Libra! ha

Note: Sidebar...I fell in love with this little silver satin lining, elegantly pleated calf, with a witty stiletto heel clasp! Little over my budget but I promise myself to use it until I die! ha 71/2W x 41/2H x 11/2D made in Italy!

Note: Sidebar...Do you love the new Jimmy Choo shoes on the sidebar? I picked them out for the Willow Manor Ball. Elaphe Peep-Toe Platforms, 4"heel! I thought the ankle strap would be a nice support when dancing?! This is too much fun for me...I'm making Pablo crazy!
Jimmy Choo: Choo is Malaysian of Hakka Chinese descent, who was born in Penang in 1961 into a family of shoemakers. Notable student of Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney, London. Choo had a workshop in Hackney, East London which he opened in 1986. He was soon noticed and 1988 featured in Vogue magazine. In 2001, Choo sold his 50% stake in his company for 10million pounds. He has been expanding into Ready-to-wear which includes accessories such as handbags.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Blogland Excitement!

Willow of Life at Willow Manor is giving her annual Ball on Oct. 13th here in Blogland. This is a perfect time to dust off your imagination and join in the fun. Remember everything is possible in Blogland. Last year's Ball was great fun and I'm looking forward to the 13th (also Willow's real birthday)!! See you there!
update: I have taken great care in choosing my date: Javier Bardem and this morning the newspapers announced in real time his engagement to Penelope Cruz! Drat!! This really isn't a problem in blog space but I've decided to choose again. So besides the dress, shoes, jewels I'll be choosing a perfect that will fit a navy blue silk Prada tux.!! ha

Studio news: I have four of the seven directions begun on 8" x 8" canvases. Photos will follow. I'm still meditating before studio time and I'll share some writing that has resulted from these meditations. It all seems to be fitting together and I'm jazzed about the new/old direction with my compass. Just starting as I said and Wednesday looks like one of those "all day" days!