Monday, June 30, 2008

Evening prayers

This is the last piece using machine stitching collage, silver leaf, stones, wire and acrylic. I will always come back to the subject of the human and divine connection but not in this way with these materials. I'll come back later to this process when it feels I might have more to develop, otherwise to continue would feel like manufacturing rather than fresh in my hands and heart. There are 9 pieces in the set, each measuring 4"x4" and they can be hung in a variety of ways. The silver leaf is left shiny and two pieces have angel images. The printing is copy of code used in the Cosmic Call to nearby stars.
What's next? I've looked over my notes, poetry, folders of saved papers and I've signed up to be a client in a creative coaching program by Eric Maisel. The coach I've been assigned, lives in Missouri and so far we have sent email introductions. We will conduct our coaching client relationship via email for the next several weeks. The new coach will get the benefit of hands on experience coaching a working artist and I, working artist, hope to reap the rewards of support and direction for my next creative journey. I'm looking forward to this so much...!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

one moment please.....

The photo lab has been slow on completing the copies of my most recent work so I thought I'd share my workspace. The best money spent was on installing a sun lights up my work area with lovely light. To the left is a rolling cart with brushes and supplies as well as a large easel. The studio is in the center of the house with bedrooms and bathrooms on one side and kitchen, living room and dining room on the other side of the house. The floor is a Pergo laminate and I have interlocking rubber type mat at the work table. On the left is an old
offset press which I use for monotypes. The rest of the shelves are packed with supplies, supplies. In the corner is a mobile I made out of Cd's which are covered on both sides with a variety of photographed fish eyes and collaged way of having an aquarium. Right now the studio needs a good cleaning because I really can't find any space on the table to start work.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm not sure but it might have been the Discovery Channel...I remember seeing drawings of ancient lighthouses and descriptions of towers and bonfires to light the way on dark rocky coastlines. I became so fascinated with the vision of these fires and the glowing light. "Lighthouse" is canvas and measures 12"x12". There are many layers of cheesecloth, with a fabric machine stitched circle collage under the grate( the grate being a bottom of a strawberry basket in another life)The silver leaf shines which helps the oranges and reds glow like fire light.
Hot,hot, hot here at the fog...spectacular. Today was my maiden voyage to drive, shop all by myself since my hospital stay. I made my stops, bank, art supply, drug store and then called Pablo (he was on call in case I fell on my face) and invited him for coffee. We drank down delicious iced Chai and shared a BIG cookie and I felt pretty proud of myself. I didn't walk for those ten days in the hospital and lost enormous strength. In July I go to rehab (Pulmonary) and really get some muscles.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Whadya think?

I just couldn't decide, I like them all but prefer the one on the right. I was told people choose the more traditional placement as it's easier to read in a wallet. It feels good to have them and I like the shiny white slick feeling...a far cry from my muted grey ones.
I have a springtime guest taking up residence on my deck. A pretty little dove is sitting on her eggs in one of my dirt filled clay pots. I understand they mate for life but I've not seen Mr. Dove? It is sweet, morning and night to know she is here expecting her new life. I believe she is my mirror for patience in expecting my healthy new life?!
I am so sorry for the small image...I gave it my best but somehow couldn't get it computer world, I am limited. If you click on the cards they will be huge?