Monday, September 17, 2018

Angel Unseen

7"x8" printed cloth, silver and turquoise beads, assorted colored threads. Began this bird/angel in early August. I've picked it up, put it down countless times. It has been larger and wrapped in copper leaf. It had four circles sewn to each corner of a patchwork background now cut away. This little stitched blindfolded angel is what I have salvaged. During these August/September days, I have been dealing with a non-life threatening ailment...causing aggravation, discouragement but finally and gratefully have arrived on the other side of this physical problem.
There is a beautiful Blindfolded Angel Hasidic tale but this little one is more personal story about not seeing, not knowing....trusting in the mending. Hopefully I'll be back full steam at the work table!  

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Between Stars

9"x10", beads, hand dyed cotton, freezer paper screen prints, assorted beads and silver and black trim.

This one had many lives as I struggled with a composition relating to movement. I've dreamt about floating between stars as a meditation but not so easy  in real time. I lost count with all the different ways these stars found their place and I can tell you there are plenty more still left on the work table. I'm going to thank these (lucky) stars that I am done and now to a favorite and necessary pastime...clean the studio!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sacred Cloth lV

13"x15", black cotton and black loose weaved fabric, rusty red with copper leaf, copper beads, hand cut stamps and embroidery.
Returning to my ancient cloth series, I have started with sacred.... torn, stained and bits of copper leaf. I began with words in my journal, decorative stitching, ritual, ancient, long buried, remnants. Slow process for me following words and bits of fabric...days spent looking, asking my self questions as well as telling myself my brand of archaeological desert stories. Yesterday I realized it was close to being finished and I felt finally at ease and calm.