Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nomadic welcome

12"x13", tea stained cloth, machine and hand stitching, gold foil, hand cut stamps.

This piece began with the story of the Nomads and how they have a custom of never turning away the stranger. I used the colors brown, red and black to denote the common colors of desert weaving. Actually had a very different kettle but I felt it didn't fit with the other shapes so I did what I rarely do...dismantle the shape. This time I used a photo transfer of an ancient kettle that I thought a better "fit". I used foil with the addition of stitches.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Supply Joy

A box of assorted basic colors and then tons of my choices. I'm sure once I get started on a project, I will wish for that soft gray or rose colored thread that I missed but I can always go back. The little tray drawers are filled with every imaginable color so after a while it is eye and brain drain. I had a coupon and that helped with the financials. I am back in my dreams of searching for new/old/ancient images of the stories, lessons and legends of the desert journey. I often take a break and research other loves such as planets  and or whatever crosses my mind and heart at the same time. I've been considering stepping into map making...quite an assortment of images out there and maybe I can add my view in a new and different way...we shall see.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Still Waters 2

11"x10", assorted cloth scraps, tea stained, rust stained, sun printed and leftover threads.
I've gotten down to bare bones on supplies.
I've been taking a short break from exploring my desert series and mostly just stitching...I pray, I meditate, I reminisce and I day dream while stitching and my day dream place for stitching is near water. Water always soothes this still pounding heart and keeps me at peace.
I'm going to try to use what I have in supplies to finish one more 'still water' piece.