Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rose & Olive

11"x11", "Rose & Olive", I usually start with a project and this time was to play with dye packets by Jacquard. I work small and didn't want to fill a washing machine with fabric to dye so this was to try a small application...! The dream or inspiration was of ancient olive orchards and how that might look and feel. This background fabric was a gift from fellow Facebook friend Connie Rose and I think it sets a mood of a burning desert sunrise or a flaming sunset. Added a few beads for the sparkle of the light. Now I dream of just such a harvest under the light of a rose glowing sky.

Another example of dream tree images is in the side bar...Ancient Treeline. I used my handcut stamp of a palm tree top and added more fabric for the trunk.This fabric was once again a generous gift from Connie Rose.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Judah's plea

8'x15" assorted cloth, embroidery and machine stitching, red and black trim, assorted beads.

Ancient story here about Judah and Joesph but I got 'caught up' in the making and re-making. I just plain struggled with it...beginning problem was using a light-weight silver fabric. Settled on this one and rather like it...who doesn't like an apple?  

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Winter Prayers

11"x18", assorted embroidery stitches, machine stitching, newsprint, silver/gold trim, gold leaf, beads.
 I began with the circles...each one demanding its own combinations of cloth, stitching and beads. Four created a square and then I began seeing a square box appearing. I usually make three dimensional boxes but not this one. The top piece had many lives and shapes...I think I was looking for magical or mystical. The trim became the glitzy silver and gold trim I have been saving for years. The scraps of Hebrew print speak of my attempt at prayer...the ancient beautiful prayers. Surprised myself with the pale blue and tea soaked lavender trim. Look closely and the circles continue in gold thread on the pale blue. This is the last of the year and the second of this winter. I might have a few more efforts on behalf of winter...