Friday, March 17, 2017

Ancient Moons 8

14'x18", cotton fabric tea stained, treated paper, ancient spears - paint, clay and plaster, machine and hand stitching, silver leaf and assorted cloth stencils.

This piece is part of my ongoing study of the ancient journey through the desert. This oasis is about the old war over water rights. Nothing really changes? This is my first time to fashion weapons ancient or otherwise. The moons depict the attacks being done under the light of the full moon! Nothing really changes? Can one be an archeologist digging up daggers and spears all fossilized to understand ancient man or is it to better understand modern man? I used materials I rarely use and it was a true challenge. I have several more 'desert stops' but I plan on a break for a little Spring joy. Just stitching for awhile.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Keeping Promises

15"x18", all fabric, flour paste resist, tea stained and rust treated. machine and hand stitching with silver leaf. hand cut stamping, 2 digital transfers.

This one follows into a new oasis, one that is rewarded with food or in ancient terms "manna". I used two digital images of containers and the introduction of birds in flight as a way of celebrating abundance when least expected. This one became quite orderly (for me) after beginning with such raw shaped and rust stained trim. I especially liked cutting hand stamps in trim and leaves as well as using the couching stitch to create small container in bottom right hand corner. Beginning with the trim first was the challenge...always good to throw myself a curve ball!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hope Regained

15"x27", tea stained cloth, machine stitching, assorted embroidery, trim from a scarf, beads and equations written in ink.
This is the biblical story that tells of the wandering in the desert where hope and faith in finding water might be lost. The answered prayer is discovering an oasis where it offers the abundance of 12 springs becoming a grateful and joyful celebration!
 I developed this piece as an ancient map, a traveling scroll placing location and distance to each spring. One being a spring covered in yellow flowers, another reflecting morning stars and one with vines surrounding a fish pond...12 in all!